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Linear newbie routine

Linear newbie routine

I have a question about my routine.please anybody help me..

I was PEing with standard newbie routine for about 2 3 weeks.then I came across a thread about the linear newbie routine which is quite easy as compared to standard newbie..

I was feeling that newbie routine was just too much for my dick which is new in this world of PE..

So decided to switch to linear newbie I m confused is it possible to gain with linear newbie if it is the why it is not mentioned in thunders standard routines..

People in linear newbie routine thread say it is easy to get gains in soft way rather hard way..

Is that true?

Please anybody tell me if he has gained with linear newbie routine!

Just about all the info about this routine is contained in the thread you have probably already seen: NEW newbie + advanced routine

There is no magic to any particular routine and you should feel free to customize your routine to fit the feedback you are getting from your penis. If you feel as though you are doing too much then cut back on either the amount of hand pressure you are using, or the amount of time.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Hello rock900 just read around for some time. Then when you have atleast 14 posts and been around for 2 weeks. That will entitle you to be able to post in other sub-forums. Start a progress report update your stats and follow the newbie linear routine consistently. I hope you get great gains. :)

Kevin12 gained with basically that routine after the Newbie routine did nothing for him. He has a progress report.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
14 days AND 20 posts.

Sorry Thunders, my bad. I was drunk, 14 days and 20 posts it is.

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