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Penomet pressures

Penomet pressures

I do not think this has been posted here as I looked for it but did not find anything. I called to see what the pressure equivalents were per gater on the penomet and the lady did not really have a good answer. She gave me numbers but when I asked for a unit she did not know. Based on what she gave me it has to be pascals or pa which you can then convert to hg which most other pumps measure.

BLUE 465 —> 3.49mmHg
BLACK 470 —> 3.53
GREY 475 —> 3.56

Those are the only ones I asked for but Im sure the others scale at increments of 5 as well. Does this look accurate? Very minimal increase as you change gaters compared to what you can get from an electronic pump.

No it doesn’t, I highly doubt the differences of vacuum between gaiters are so insignificant.

I just stumbled on this video comparing Penomet vs bathmate suction powers.

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This tests max HG only, from what I saw most (all?) are above 10 Hg , which is a lot.

It’s funny though you can see bathmate is trying to show it’s better than the penomet because it’s more powerful…

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That is what I was thinking.

Sent them an email asking about a month ago and never heard back. She said they are backed up on emails but she could submit to corporate and have them email me but I doubt I will see it.

They are all so stupid and have no clue about succesfull PE.

Im so stupid to own both and they both suck ass to enlarge your dick for that price. They are only good for applying fluids onto your dick and warm up. There is no possiblity to do succesfull PE with only using them.
Espacially not for newbies.

DickerSchwanz=FatDick / 20cm length(No more!), 5.5 - 6 girth. Goal - max. Skills and Proportions

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Thanks for that video, really was not much difference between the gaters but definitely higher mmHg than I had calculated with conversions; who knows what numbers she was giving me.

I agree dicker, its not a solo device, but then again seems always best to have some sort of variety and changes in routine over time for most effective results.

Thanks guys

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