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A few newbie problems...

A few newbie problems...

Hi all,

First post for me :-)

I’ve been doing the newbie routine for the past two weeks (two days on, 1 day off) making a total of 10 sessions. Its been enjoyable and I thought it was going well but I think i’m developing a couple of problems…

I felt like i’ve been getting gains already and my flacid state seems noticably bigger since I’ve been PEing. What’s troubling me is that it seems like my head is shrinking or has shrunk a bit.

At first I thought this might be because I had gained some girth and so it just looks smaller, but I’m not so sure having tonight done a crude measure (for the first time) at the end of a PE session - the measurements seem about the same as when I started. I know I need to take a couple of days off to get an accurate measurement so I may do that now.

The other thing is that the area just below my head, about the first 5-8mm seems thinner than it was before and slightly kinked. By kinked I mean its like it dips down, making more of a curve in my penis than was there before.

Any ideas why this may be happening? From what I’ve read I’m wondering if its bad stretching technique…

I enjoy the manual stretching the most as it seems to have the biggest effect and I realised recently that I was counting my seconds wrong and have probably been doing more like 40-45 second stretches.

I haven’t been using a grip aid because I’ve found it quite easy to grip about 1 inch below my head although when I pull to do the stretch it seems I end up holding right below the head (the area that seems to be getting thinner/ kinked).

The (wet) jelquing’s going ok. A couple of times I’ve felt a small twang of pain and when this has happened i’ve eased off whatever grip/technique I was using immediately to make sure I don’t feel pain again. What’s caused the pain seems to be squeezing too hard to push blood up the shaft.

I’ve developed one small purple spot right next to the vain on my foreskin about halfway up my head - I guess this was a burst vessel or something, I remember seeing it come up, possibly at one of the times I felt pain.

What’s perhaps worth noting is that I tried jelquing many years ago (described then as milking) dry and remember thinking ‘hmm this is making my head really big’, yet now when I jelq it doesn’t seem to have that much effect on the size of my head.

My starting stats are EL 6.1, EG 5.1

Lots of info there, any ideas/questions!?

Thanks heaps in advance, the community here is amazing.

Just back off on your intensity a bit on both stretching and jelqing. This is a long term project, so there is no need to rush things in the beginning. As you become conditioned to the exercises, you can become more aggressive, but for right now, take it easy.

Also, make sure you warm up sufficiently before you engage in any workouts. Over time, as Gprent said, you can increase the intensity and I’d also vary my workout regimen from time to time, because your body will adapt to the same stimuli, if you do the same things over and over again.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

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