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Need help buying my first pump.

Need help buying my first pump.

Okay, so from the reading I’ve done around here I *think* I know what I need in a pump but I’m gonna need a bit of help finding the one to buy.

My BPEL is 7” and my BPEG is 6-7” depending on if you measure mid shaft or at the base, respectively.

My goal is to add some length while not really upping my base girth a lot but allowing my shaft to catch up to it. That said I *think* ill need a 9x2.25 or a 9x2.5 cylinder, right?

I’d also like a pressure gauge. The problem is I’m a starving artist type and don’t have a lot to spend on a pump. I know to avoid the $20 Junkers but I can’t really justify much more than $100 which seems to be on the low end of the quality side of things. So if you can recommend me a good make/model of pump and a place to buy one if be super grateful!

Thanks in advance

Check out these deals:…=item336ebe17d1…=item2c61007f4c

On these Leluv cylinders, the flared end is 1/4” smaller then the inside diameter of the cylinder, so the 2.5” cylinder, that would have an entrance diameter of 2.25”, should be the best fit for your 7” base girth.

This is a high quality brass pump and heavy duty cylinder, so you are getting a professional set-up. The price includes free shipping, so you get in for under $100. :)

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Wow, excellent! Thank you!

I can personally vouch for the LeLuv pump and cylinders, having recently bought one myself.

Everything feels high-quality and the only issue I had was that the vacuum gauge got stuck but that may have been due to the rigours of international transport and was easily fixed.


LA Pump makes great cylinders; very comfortable. They will make them to YOUR size specification.

I have been contemplating pumping myself. I need some help finding a suitable cylinder at a descent price.
This may seem strange, but I do not really need a new vacuum pump. I have a vacuum pump that I use for air conditioning and refrigeration. I’m figuring, I could just use my refrigerant gauges as well since it has a low side vacuum gauge. The hoses have 1/4 inch fittings however. I can splice a hose if needed. Can an adapter be placed on these cylinders?

Thanks in advance,
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