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Buying a pump

Buying a pump

Hey guys! Ive really become interested in pumps and pumping…and im just wondering if you guys can help me out with a question i have.

Should i go to a “sex store” and buy a pump (if they have one) from there? Or would the quality of it be low? And in that case would i be better off buying one directly from a company?

Thanks a bunch guys!!


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Why don’t you try making one first. It’ll save you lots of money. Go to my thread “Make your own pump for about $20.00”. The pump I designed in that thread is very efficient and does the same job as any $150.00 pump. If you have any ?’s you can PM me on this board and I’ll be happy to help you out.


LAPD is a good vendor…gory_Code=Pumps

Hand Pump, Basic Brass
Code: SKU 7
Price: $39.95

Hand Pump Deluxe w/ psi Gauge
Code: SKU 6
Price: $59.95

I didn’t buy my pump there but at an upscale leather store in Chicago in 1989….I’ve bought two cylinders from them and their service is good.

My pump does not have a vacuum gauge….and I’ve never had any problems injuring my dick and I pump A LOT.

Without a vacuum gauge, I can “wet” pump. I use shave cream as a lube and to make a good seal and sometimes shave cream foams up and bleds into line…I just put line in container of warm/hot water and flush out.

These brass pumps are for very heavy duty pumping.

Good luck,

OR eon

my first pump was a cheap adult toy store one.. It was way oversized for me, kept sucking my balls up into it and reall was a shit model.. I threw it away… I bought the following:

Brass pump w/ guage from LA.PUMP

Kaplain Tube that is 9.5 inches long

Results = GREAT! The whole system was under 200 dollars and teh fitment is correct.. I will be changing my routine soon and may find more pumping is what is in order for gains…


I purchased a gravel cleaning tube from “Petco” for $7.95

After several sessions of excessive fluid retention and large painful “donuts”, I bought a “westward” vacuum gauge from Grainger supply for around $6.50

I don’t have a pump, I don’t find it necessary. I only try to maintain 4 - 6” when (pumping.) although I have tried 11 -12” for short periods, I always end up with a huge donut.—ouch !

I then went to “the Home Depot” and picked up a 1/4” T-fitting to fit the gauge, with a side for a 1/4”O.D. compression.
and 24” of flexible tube. Total cost under $5.00

All together, about $20.00.

So you see, it’s not really necessary to spend a lot of money to get started with this.

Good luck with your endevor.

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I bought one on ebay for $30.00 buck it came with a 2 cock ring some get hard spray and some other shit. prices rang from $15.00 to $150. A bunch of makes and models. It’s been working just fine for me.

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