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My buddy Dr Kaplan

I was thinking about what sparky said and came up with this notion. The vacuum pump seems to be limited with the concentration of pressure. It seems to suck the blood from the skin more so than putting pressure deep down in the corpus sponges where it needs to be. Kaplan takes measurements and sends out tubes based on your measurements.

Maybe if the tube fitting was tighter and when the penis has pressure applied the skin will hit the wall and the pressure can be directed deeper down.

The obvious problem with this if it actually worked, you would need a new tube every two weeks. Maybe if you could make a liner inside the tube that could act as a restraint. Then you would only need a new tube every few months.

You see I want these things to work they just don’t.

Jelqing, stretching and squeezes work and they cost nothing.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I just went into the pumpers forum, can what vegetagd wrote about light pressure for permanent gains in the following thread apply? He posted that a year ago, but the thread has been active lately.


vegetagd wrote
Let us look at the physics of pumping to first see what is going on. When you remove air from the tube,your penis responds by expanding to fill the empty space that is there. Now here is what makes all the difference in the world. If you use very high pressure, your body is forced to compensate quickly and lmph fluid is released under the skin to fill the empty space in the cylinder. However, if you use lower pressure, your Tunica gradually does the expansion and therefore you acheive “real gains” in size. Just like with wood, if you bend it with gradual pressure, over time you can shape it in the form of a U(shipmakers used to do this) but to much pressure too quickly and BAM its broken. I think the 20-year-vets may be high pressure pumpers which is all pumpers used to know. I talked on the phone for an hour to the guy at NW pumpworks from whom I bought my pump, and he said that with 1-2 hours of low pressure 5hg< pumping a day 3-4 times a week, he increased his size from 6 x 5 to 9.5 x 8 in 11 years. I know thats a long time but he said he prefers the girth and at some point the gains really slow down. Anyways, if done correctly, NOTHING points to pumping as non-permanent.

Makes sence. wouldn’t that be a bitch that it actually works.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Guys, Kaplan is the “Father of Pumping,” and HE knows damn well that pumping doesn’t produce permanent enlargement of the penis. He’s known this for years.

Pumping & Jelqing are NOT alike. They are quite different. Jelqing forces blood through the CC/CS, building pressure from the inside-out. Pumping creates vacuum pressures. That’s the reason that pumps were developed for guys with ED. However, once normal erection levels are attained (via the pump), there is no “super-charging” of blood into the penis, as with jelqing. What happens is that lymphatic fluids begin to get trapped in the penis. If anything, those fluids compress the CC/CS, while jelqing expands the CC/CS, using manual force.

If you look at some temporarily bloated units, just out of the tube, don’t think for a second that the ridiculous expansion is blood. It is not, it cannot be. The tunica would’ve exploded long before that. What pumping gives is a full 100% erection….then, if you continue, fluid buildup. The “size” of a pumped cock is atop the blood-holding chambers, and beneath the skin. The size of a jelqed-up cock is mostly blood (I seldom ever had any fluid buildup).

Also, my post-jelq cock was always extremely vascular. If you look at bloated cocks out of the tube, you don’t usually see any veins at all.

And I doubt there’s any “micro-tearing” at all in the CC/CS from pumping as the forces aren’t nearly great enough (nothing like slow, powerful jelqs).

And to the person who implied that Kaplan doesn’t portray his pumps for “penis enlargement,” he most certainly DOES. Just go see his site. He actually “warns” guys not to pump more than x days per week or for x months straight, warning that you’ll be stuck with that increased size permanently. Is that a con job or what?

Personally, I could care less if you pump or don’t pump. I approached this aspect of PE in a very neutral light (hell, I wish pumping were for real - it’s so easy, it’s the lazy man’s way….hands free, etc.). I did a lot of objective searching and I’ve concluded (sadly) that pump gains are all an illusion. The only true “enlargement” is simply your ability to grow larger & larger in the tube, over time. But as so many veteran pumpers complained, quit pumping and “donkey dick goes back to dinky dick.”

That’s not for me.

>>deadeye: “Anyways, if done correctly, NOTHING points to pumping as non-permanent.”

In fact, NOTHING points to pumping being permanent. The pumpers named here are guys who also engage in other forms of PE….so, that skews the equation. No conclusions can be drawn from their gains whatsoever - only from guys who exclusively pump. And it’s those guys who’ve overwhelmingly agreed that pumping is NOT permanent. Even Kaplan himself has weaseled out of objective FDA-sponsored studies to determine this.

If, as you claim, “NOTHING points to pumping as non-permanent,” then this issue would’ve been settled decades ago, with Kaplan grinning widely. That’s clearly not the reality.

Thats good to read but at the same time disturbing. Because I thought pumping would help my jelqing, now I find out im spinning my wheels pumping. Why isnt there a disclaimer that its BS to warn us unknowing noolets? :mad:

All information here is from my cow Bessy. The opinions and posts are hers and not mine. I just do the typing for her because we all know cows cant type. Fieldmouse :iws:

I guess its back to hanging Monday, and no crying about it.

All information here is from my cow Bessy. The opinions and posts are hers and not mine. I just do the typing for her because we all know cows cant type. Fieldmouse :iws:

I actually met “Dr. Kaplan” in person a number of years back when I happened to be in San Diego and checked out one of his electric pumps. Not that it would surprise many, but he immediately struck me as somewhat of a quack. His demeanor was shady (what do you want from a guy who peddles penis devices for a living, I guess) and his claims about potential pumping gains struck me then (and continue to strike me now) as being way over the top. That said, I had been using a manual pump for about a year prior to the meeting and I can firmly attribute my small girth increase to this pumping (see below). Moreover, I’ve also read way too many accounts from guys on boards like this about their gains from pumping, who have little to gain from lying, to entirely dismiss its potential for permanent growth. So for the past week or so, I’ve been topping off my clamping and jelqing sessions with a brief, low pressure pumping session. Hopefully the combination approach will help me cement some additional girth gains. I guess time will tell…

So far it 2 for and 2 against. :) I still cant shake the feeling ive been robbed (of my time). :( I cant point exclusively to pumping, because I did jelqing in the process. Thanks Brian, it makes me feel a little better as im teetering back and forth on the fence. I guess I dont want to believe its a waste, but I can be easily swayed to believe either side, and I dont have enough pumping experience under my belt to know any better. Wad is very convincing and very sure of the dynamics of it. To make things worse for me, no vet pumpers have stepped up to the plate to debate it. :(

All information here is from my cow Bessy. The opinions and posts are hers and not mine. I just do the typing for her because we all know cows cant type. Fieldmouse :iws:

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Doh, how about I move your thread to the Pumper’s Forum then?

Good idea, that way we can get some experienced pumpers view on this subject.

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Good idea Thunder. Maybe this thread can get to the bottom of all this. I don’t pump, but someday probably would if I have more confidence in it. I’ve hopped onto the fence with fieldmouse, but Wad has me just about ready to jump into the non believer yard. The low pressure vs high pressure issue that vegetagd posted about needs to be addressed more by veteran pumpers with experience on this.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Doh, how about I move your thread to the Pumper’s Forum then?

Knock yourself out. :) Im just here to learn.

All information here is from my cow Bessy. The opinions and posts are hers and not mine. I just do the typing for her because we all know cows cant type. Fieldmouse :iws:

Pumping doesn’t do a damn thing. I did it for years and got nothing na da zip. Low pressure high pressure doesn’t matter turns your dick purple. If you want a purple dick then I would suggest pumping. It turns it a really ugly purple color and you women will call you a purple pussy eater. (This happen to me)

I bought mine years ago, I use it for warming up the dong and low pressure after a jelq session to hold a pump. I have no faith in it doing any more than that.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


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