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Tube Size Question

Tube Size Question

I’m readying to plunge into the world of pumping. I’m planning on buying the equipment as I’m all thumbs regarding the construction of anything more complicated than your basic birdhouse.

I’ll probably buy from LA Pumps. It says on their web site that someone of my dimensions (I’m 5.5” at the base, 5.125” mid-shaft, 6.75 elbp) should purchase the 1 3/4” wide cylinder. But I dusted off the cobwebs of my high school geometry memory and calculated that that size tube has a hair less than a 5.5” diameter, seemingly indicating that I wouldn’t gain much girth, at least at the base, before having to buy a new tube.

Would I be better off buying the 2” tube or is that too great a leap up in width? I’d prefer having a tube to grow into so to speak and not have to raid the bank account too often. But at the same time I do not want to start out with one so wide that it might be ineffectual (I’m seeking both added girth and length).


Go for the 2” tube.

Have you tried making your own pump? It’s very cheap and very effective. The instuctions can be found here.

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