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Tube Size

Tube Size

I’ve been pumping for about 3 weeks now and I’m wondering when do I need to step up in size. My current size is about 6.75” EL and 5.1 EG and I’m using a 1.75” tube.

I pack the tube pretty good. All the way up to the head. I’m trying to get more length but it only gets to about 7 1/8” in the tube. I’ve heard some say that there getting more length using a 2” tube. Should I step up?

What do you guys think?

Starting Stats: (01-12-2005) Bone Pressed 6.375 x 5.2 Current Stats: (03-18-2005) Bone Pressed 7.125 x 5.5 Goal 8 X 6

A 1.75 tube is going to be able to take you up to 5.5 girth or better, so you shouldn’t be needing a 2.0 tube quite yet.

The theory on gaining length with pumping actually works the other way. You stick with the smaller diameter tube, and once you are packed, then you only have one direction to expand in, and that is in length.

I use a 2” Tube, and here is my problem. I’m 6” girth at base, and smaller at the head. When I pump, I max out real quick at base, and the pressure becomes to intense to work the shaft and head. Any suggestions on where I cam find a larger tube????

I realized a huge mistake. I have been measuring my girth with tape measure that starts after about 1/2”. So the whole time I thought I was 5” girth I’m actually 5.5” girth. What an idiot I am.
But hey I’m not complaining..

I need to get a 2” tube right away. As I have been using my 1.75 and fully packing it for the past month.

Starting Stats: (01-12-2005) Bone Pressed 6.375 x 5.2 Current Stats: (03-18-2005) Bone Pressed 7.125 x 5.5 Goal 8 X 6

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