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Condom pumping

My version

I have created my own tube and system that is getting pretty good results.

I bought this water filter( )(CLEAR!) and took the white PVC fitting off the end and put on a black rubber 2” to 2” connector (found at hardware store) and sealed it tight against the cylinder with a large hose clamp. I smoothed the edges so that it doesn’t hurt. I use clear braided tubing to a barbed nipple to create the suction with my mouth. I pump with water as warm as I can stand it and use a condom that I have cut the head out of and put it on upside down where the ridge sits right up under my glans with some slack for length expansion. It has been working great for me!

What do you guys think?

What did it cost you for the water filter and parts? You can buy a good quality tube with the appropriate valve for about $35 plus shipping costs. I made my own tube out of 1.5” ABS plastic with the proper couplings which cost me about $10 to make. It works very well the only problem is that it’s solid black so you can’t see inside it but it works well. I have a 2” and 3.5” clear tubes, the latter is too big and the 2” requires the use of some sort of condom or rubber ring worn below the gland to avoid fluid buildup at the end of my penis below the gland.

In any case if it works for you then that’s great news and all the best with it.


My pump and technique

The filter cost me about 50 USD. I use this option because I didn’t want to but online or at an adult store. In all I might have 55-60 USD in the setup. Thanks for the well wishes!


Looking to start a pumping regimen again and I’d like to try condom pumping. My question is, should the condom cover the entire penis, or just the shaft? I don’t seem to have an issue/problem with my glans becoming overly swollen (and it seems that everything my glans get is a gain, so I don’t want to restrict its expansion). On the other hand, the skin on my shaft (especially the foreskin) gets very swollen and I’d like to reduce it.

Should I put a condom over my entire penis? Or should I cut the end of the condom off and only secure it around the shaft? Last, should I be using greater vacuum to account for the restriction the condom is providing?

Thank you.

Try with a condom covering everything and see what happens.

Use a type/brand that is tight on you.

Let us know.



Here’s a tip that I just discovered.

I was having a problem with the condom filling with air especially on reuse (still feels weird to talk about reusing a condom). So I made a small hole in the reservoir tip and it solved the problem.

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Thinking of trying this eventually, are there any disadvatages? One that I suspected could be a possible disadvanatge is a decrease in glan gains, since with this method you are taking most of the pressure off the glans? I wouldn’t want to end up with even more of triangle-shaped dick than what I already have lol. Perhaps I am just confused and somone could enlighten me, but I don’t see much of a point in this. Though it does look like a decent way to keep yourself lubricated for longer.

Try it out. I doubt you’ll see any decrease in glans size. You might even gain. An experiment with it won’t change anything you already have. :) Use a tight fitting condom.

Let us know how things go.



Holy fucking shit, did I try it.. Yeah I did.. Glad I did because it was one of the best sessions I ever had. I took a single regular sized trojan (really tight on my 5.8 girth) and with some effort I got it down over my base. Slipped into the pump and went straight to 5. Upon doing this I noticed that the condom was no longer down over my base, but kind of in the middle of my dick. First 5-10 minutes had a very uncomfortable feeling, and then that feeling went away and felt normal. Looking at my dick in side of the tube looked like it always did, with the exception of having a condom on it of course, (weird lol). Okay so then my 40 minutes are up, I let the pressure down and I pull out, DAMN! Really massive, “different” looking compared to normal a session. How can I describe it, it was like still being inside of the pump, without actually being. So then I stimulate it for a bit, unusally wide, hard, and unusually heavy feeling but no fluid build up at all.

So After that I take the condom off and let it go down thinking it was just the tightness of the condom producing this effect. Then I get another erection this time without the condom, and its the same as before. An unusually “wide” penis very different from other pump sessions.

My conclusion: Something is at work here, but I don’t know what it is.

Can’t wait til I am experienced enough. Thanks guys for this great thread!

I just purchased the ‘all night pump’.. Similar to the concept of light condom/inner tube pumping that avocet enjoys. It has a constant electric pump that produces approx -3hg. The cylinder is only semi-transperant and quite flexible, whilst the inner latex ‘condom’ is somewhere between the thickness of 2 condoms and a bicycle tube (so maybe the perfect medium?). Anyway the condom has a pinprick hole at the top and is made to measure (something like 1/4” tighter than the user’s erection all round). I managed 2hrs straight on my 1st ever pump and was very impressed with my healthy looking post pumped dick!

Just my 2 pence. I had been reading through this whole thread over the past few days while waiting for my delivery, so I figure some of you might be intrigued and others may want to put together their own similar setup. It would be much cheaper to make yourself (the price is extortionate). Anyway feel free to enquire. I posted my full experience (including start-up disasters) in another thread specifically about that pump. Here is the link for those interested

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Has anyone managed to get permanent gains just by doing one session? According to the pumping guide by avocet, you have to work your way towards 2-3 sessions then stay there, but I’d much rather do one session of 20 minutes and just stick with that the whole time.

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Can anyone explain this to me a little better? I’d like to give it a try.

From what I understand, I put a condom on my FLACCID dick, all the way down to the base? then get in the pump and pump to max HG? And after that?

I appreciate the answer in advanced, and I will report back my results once I figure out exactly what I should be doing. Thanks!

Put the condom on your erect dick, and pump to your normal HG level. You may need to increase the pressure slightly, but condom pumping seems to help avoid edema and spotting.

Ran out of lube for pumping, instead of not pumping or pumping dry ( haven’t done that yet, anyone know what its like? ) I figure I can give this a shot. Well here we go.


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