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Condom pumping

Originally Posted by Naab
I tried condom pumping today for the second time, and I have to say I like the results. The only problem I run into is, that for now, it’s very clumsy. It’s hard for me to get hard, lube up, and slip on the condom while still keeping a boner stiff enough to slide in the tube. I then tried raping the rubber on the flange of the tube, but I couldn’t figure out how to keep the huge air pocket from forming inside the tube (that seemed to make the condom useless since at that point it wasn’t touching my dick.

There has to be an easier way. Is there a silicone sleeve that can be bought or made, that can be slid in the tube itself to cut down on some of the hassle? I like the technique and understand the principle behind it, but I need suggestions on how to make the workout flow more smooth

Try a small hole or slit in the end of the condom. As you pump, that lets your penis expand within the condom and let air out.

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Thanks Lampwick, I’ll give it a try.

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Thought I’d share this with you guys.

I’m new to pumping and recently bought two velseal cylinders.

When first pumping I developed the donut effect due to too high a pressure - over 6. I was keen to try the ‘condom pumping’ technique and tried something new today…

A while back I created a plaster cast of my erection using alginate moulding gel and plaster of paris. I wanted to keep a 3D record of the ‘old’ me! I keep this well out of site, under lock and key - would be highly embarrassing if it was exposed!

Anyway, after reading this thread I was keen to try the condom pumping but suddenly it occurred to me to make my own custom fit ‘restriction sleeve’ using the plaster cast and some liquid latex.

I searched online and bought a bottle of latex, usually sold alongside plaster of paris as well as alginate.

Yesterday I dipped the life cast in latex 3 times - drying to tacky in between. I dipped it to about 2 inches below the ‘donut effected area’. I only dipped it three times but will experiment with more if needed to create a thicker latex sleeve for more constriction.

Anyway, after dusting with talc it peeled away from the cast easily. I was quite amazed to see a perfect replica in a transparent sleeve. I cut a slit on the end to allow air to escape.

Used it today, a perfect fit. The sleeve has a gradual thickening towards the end due to drying after being dipped upside down.

So I was interested to see what effect this would have when pumping.

The result, pumped longer than usual, at a slightly higher pressure than usual! I would normally have developed the donut effect, but this was almost reduced to zero!

There was no air pockets trapped which would expand, just a tight comfortable perfect fit!

It’s a lot more hassle than just using a condom, but the results so far are looking good. The 1 litre bottle of latex could produce dozens of these, and I can adjust the thickness quite easliy. Making the original life cast however needs a bit more effort.

Will see how it goes.

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Good feedback, bigbox.

You may need to make future molds as you make gains. A lot of us who do condom pumping have found that the tighter the condom, the better the results.



Apologies, I have only read the first 10 pages of the thread but have lost concentration.

My question is - are those who are condom pumping doing so at consistently higher HG’s, or is at just as effective within the ‘safe’ range of 3-5 HG?
Also, in my opinion the tight condom seems to be acting as a relatively loose fitting cock ring, do you think a cock ring would have the same affect as a condom?

I tried this yesterday and saw much greater flaccid hang when using the condom as opposed to just vacuum. Normally after a pumping session I only have a slight fluid plumpness for up to two hours afterward. This time I had about least 0.75” length gain and .5” girth gain that lasted for several hours. Now I have a slight clue as to what it feels like to have a cock rather than a dick.

Additionally, for the rest of the day (8-10 hours) I had about 0.25x0.25 flaccid gains. This is far outside the bounds of normal pumping for me. Unfortunately I have only been pumping for about 2 weeks, therefore I don’t have the greatest baseline data to work from. I also noticed that I came out of the tube rock hard; as opposed to 80-90% that I had been experiencing.

With the condom I noticed I could increase the vacuum to 6” Hg rather than the 4” Hg that I have been using. If I go over 4” Hg without the condom I get lymph buildup (not donut) in a gland underneath the glans that I need to massage out otherwise it may harden and turn into hard sclerosing lymphangitis (which I had early in my PE adventures - non pump related). Even at 6” Hg I got no fluid buildup. I know the vets like Avocet and peforeal all recommend lower pressures and I will probably stay lower, though I am still experimenting with getting the correct routine for my body.

I think I am going to continue with the condom for the foreseeable future. Off to Walmart.

Length for show. Girth for "Whoa"!

NBPEL: Start: $1.50; Current: $1.75; Goal: $2

MSEG: Start: <TP Tube; Current: >TP Tube; Goal: >>PT Tube.

It’s still pretty amazing to me - that effect. It’s got to be some kind of “rebound” thing.

Stay as low as you can on the pressure - just enough to get things to work.



Used a custom restriction sleeve today again, tried a thicker sleeve - 4 layers of latex. Again I’ve found I can pump for longer and higher pressure with protection against the fluid build up!

I tried pumping in sessions - 10 mins each - at about 5-6 pressure. Did 3 sets, and I reached a record 7.75 inches in the pump! By kegeling while increasing pressure it seems to result in greater expansion!

Will try a 5 thickness sleeve soon!

The thicker latex sleeve doesn’t appear to limit the expansion in the glans either.

If you wear condoms during sex - will condompumping allow a greater useable expansion within a condom for the act of sex?

This is what it sounds like. If I could get out the tube with my tube length expansion retained by the condom and use it - that would be a real treat.

Originally Posted by djrobins
If you wear condoms during sex - will condompumping allow a greater useable expansion within a condom for the act of sex?

I don’t understand the question about wearing during sex. If you mean, will wearing condoms during pumping cause a greater expansion, then yes.

Originally Posted by djrobins
This is what it sounds like.

If you want to have sex afterward, it is very nice, in my opinion. Best if you can have sex within an hour of pumping. Feels weird to my wife, but a pumped cock really wants to ejaculate! It actually feels more intense to me.

What I’m saying is if I was in a situation where I have to wear a condom, pumping up into a condom and condom ring holding most of the expansion - won’t be as bad as a tradeoff.


I tried this yesterday. I did 2x15min 3-5 HG without condom and then 10min 10 HG with condom and my penis is still fat. Maybe this is something. I was 5.25 mid-shaft EG after my workout.

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.

Guys, I measured last night, no pumping for 4 days. 0,5cm or 0,2” bigger girth than normal and I’m really hard gainer in girth. I’ll report back later.

By the way, my unit feels very worked after workout. I always try to get bigger and bigger expansion. I usually do 2x15min or 3x15min every other day.

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.


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