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Condom pumping

I didn’t like pumping with the condom. Normally my base fills out the tube and it seals well, but for some reason the ring of the condom wouldn’t let me dick touch the walls. This resulted in me getting no pressure to stay in the tube consistently. It was a trojan ultra thin lubricated condom. I want to try this again, but will wait for the future. With maybe a little more girth I can seal the tube without relying too much on being pumped up to max base girth first.

I tried pumping with a condom, a couple nights earlier. I didn’t like it either. However, I tried it again last night. The difference for me was, the first time I tried it, I was semi hard and it didn’t work out well. The second time I was about 85% erect, the condom went on easier. I woke up with a nice boner this morning, and my dick has been nice and plump looking/feeling all day thus far.

I started using condoms while pumping for another reason and a nice side effect was, as you guys are saying, less or no fluid after the session. But with my method, the condom ring at the base of the penis is no problem, and you don’t need to change condom everytime, you could use the same for more session.

When I bought my pump, after a few days the rubber thing at the base broke, so I had to pump without it and some air kept on leaking inside, unless I strongly pushed the cylinder towards my pelvic bone, which is very painful.

So I started to
1) take a condom, unroll it for about 3/4 of my penis length and put it in the pump, then fasten it by putting the condom ring around the pump’s base.
2) start pumping, so that the condom expands itself a little inside the pump, enough to let me put in it my erected penis, with no air between the glans and the top of the condom
3) release the pressure, so that the condom tightens around the penis, with no air between the condom and the penis
4) push the pump towards your pelvic bone and start pumping.

Remember to unroll the condom for just 3/4 of your penis length, so that when you push the pump towards the pelvic bone, the condom stretches very tightly around the penis, which results in no air leakage and no fluid build up.
A tight condom also protects a sensible glans from high pressure.

Give it a try, because very easy and the result is a naturally looking bigger penis after the session.

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I'd want it 8x6 :D

Who knows, maybe within a couple of decades of PE.

Originally Posted by penismith
…pumping while wearing some sort of tough condom.

Was there a consensus on what brand/variety of condom was “tough”? Any condom pumpers have a brand/variety of condom recommendation informed by their experience? I think that tough (hard to break) and cheap are the two primary considerations, with #1 being essential. At least one would hope that tough condoms were also the cheap ones…


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I tried it myself. Used a durex . Its did prevent fluid build up. Which is good but it didn’t seem as fat afterwards. I like that part. My body goes back to normal from fluid build up pretty quick. It only takes about a hour or two to dissipate. I’m not sure if I will continue. I might be wasting condoms.

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I tried condom pumping quite some time ago. It didn’t prevent edema. In fact it tended to hide it until I was done pumping and took off the condom.

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Yeah, I’m not sure I think I’ll try it one more time.

One thing I don’t like is the condom doesn’t stay on the base and that area get fluid.

I think I like filling my tube with hot water better.

Current 7x5 shooting for 7+x5.5"

I agree. Water pumping seems more effective.

Start: (Aug 2001): 6 1/2 bpel x 4 7/8 mseg

Current: (6/24/14): 7 3/4 bpel (7 nbp) x 5 5/8 mseg. BEG 6 1/4. BPFSL 8 1/8.

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I didn’t read the whole thread yet. I’m interested in condom pumping or using a silicone sleeve. I tried it for the first time yesterday and ended up with plenty of tiny red spots. It seems the condom was really pushing inwards against the skin and it may have been too much pressure? I felt quite a pull even though I was at low HG. Do you think it maximizes the inner expansion in such a way that condom pumping at 4 HG is much more intense than regular pumping at 4 ?

I’ve been experimenting with condom pumping recently. While I can’t say for sure whether there are any specific benefits to it, I have noticed that it seems to cut down on the amount of burst blood vessels if I hit too much pressure. Obviously another solution would be to just not go with that much pressure. It also seems like it constricts the penis so that the fluid retention is less, but as some others have mentioned, once the condom comes off the swelling increases. I do wonder whether this limiting of fluid might help focus the pumping on the tissues, but only time will tell.

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I have to say I´m quite impressed with all this penis pumping. I ordered a cheap one from eBay , but I had to throw nearly all to the bin , the sealing wasn’t´t good silicone but hard plastic , the pump was very weak . So I changed the sealing with a condom cut by half and I added a syringe as pump using two air flow connectors.
Now works perfect but I had to use the pumping without condom because with both condoms was difficult to manipulate the penis to go inside and I lost erection all the times. I ordered new condoms , this time little ones in order to solve this. I had a few capillary marks nothing to worry, no do-nut.
I´ll say next time when I test the thing with condom.

Purple marks like bruises

Hi there,

I’ve only been pumping for about a week and am slightly concerned. I’ve been doing something similar to the recipe proscribed on one of the threads of a good gainer I found via reading all the ‘Great pumping threads’ articles. His suggestion that he apparently got 2 inches in length with and some girth was..

Heat Wrap
10 minutes @ 5HG
10 minutes @ 5HG
10 minutes @ 5HG
Heat wrap

Done. I’ve followed this the first time without any condom on and after, I had kind of two small pimples almost. I think they were ingrown hairs or something to that effect. They showed up about 15 minutes after pumping. Two small ones, that seemed to be filled with ‘puss’ or some type of white liquid. I did my best to pop them and drain the liquid the following day or two days later when they were still there. The then scabbed over and days later formed a tiny discoloration of a scar. (I don’t mind this much — barely noticeable). I let the scab run it’s course ‘naturally’ which took about 5 days to 7 days.

After which, I tried using a semi-tight condom with pumping and doing just a mere 10 minutes or one set. With a heat wrap before/after and two sets of jelqing. Sooo..
Heat wrap
10 minutes @ 5HG
Heat wrap.

Done. This resulted in the area where the scabs had healed leaving little to no scaring, going from a dark purple color. There was no white puss things this time/pimple looking things on my dick. In addition, the purple marks went away after about 36 hours and my dick resumed regular color in those spots. No scab occurred. The scarring did not seem to get worse. Two mornings later, I had a really good erection. (Not morning wood but erection upon sexting with the gf). It seemed to be pretty thick/full in length and was hanging better throughout the day.

So 72 hours after my last pumping session having seen good EQ indicators in the 48-72 hour period, I did another pumping session and JUST finished maybe 10 minutes before writing this. I felt like I was on the “right track” due to no pimples, no scaring, just a bit of purpleness in the area were previous scars had occurred. I’m theorizing (and I hope a vet can chime in on this) it went dark purple because its a weakened area of skin due to previous injury. For today’s session, I did:

Heat wrap
2 minutes @ 2Hg (To kind of warm-up to pressure)
10 minutes @ 5HG
2 minutes @ 2Hg (To try to warm-down from pressure)
Heat wrap.

However, the purple marks are much stronger and much more evident then they were when I had my pumping session 72 hours prior at the end of my session. I am not sure if it just means the warm-up/cd pressure was a bad idea or what. My dick is turtling a little bit. My regular erect size is about 16-17cm on a good day and I’m flaccid atm at about 7cm. My regular flaccid is probably 8-9cm. My penis also did not become that ‘swollen’ during the last two pumping sessions like it did during the first with fluid buildup. I didn’t need to try to massage it or anything. It engorged a lot and became very hard in the tube, remained pretty hard for the full 10 minutes and so-forth. I’m basically reading erotic stories during pumping to remain hard. I was mostly aiming for hardness as it helps with the seal and I presume makes a little more pressure. Plus, if I wasn’t hard, I wouldn’t be filling the condom and condom pumping would be semi-pointless.

I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong here. I feel like I’m getting some good erection quality indicators (hardness in the 48-72 hour window after pumping and larger flaccid hang). I also feel like I’m getting some bad erection quality indicators (slight turtling. Purple marks after 2 sessions and the purple much worse the most recent session). I’m going to once again leave approximately 72 hours off or as long as it takes for the purple colored marks to return to a semi-neutral color.

I’m thinking next time I’ll try one session of 4HG for 5 minutes and then stop there. See how that goes? Is this a good course of action or is the purple marks not something to worry about? Of course, with the warm up before, jelqing before and jelqing after, warm up after. I’d appreciate any advice from the vets on this matter. Also, I can take a picture if that’s needed to give a better diagnosis.

Thanks in advance.

Purple marks like bruises -- update

So it’s been about 32 hours since my last pumping session and post looking for advice from veterans how to proceed. Purple marks are still there but color and almost returned to normal. By 36-48 hours, I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to base. I’m unsure whether to pump at either 48 or 72 hours or if I should wait like a full week to give even more time to heal.

Originally Posted by abacus
So it’s been about 32 hours since my last pumping session and post looking for advice from veterans how to proceed. Purple marks are still there but color and almost returned to normal. By 36-48 hours, I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to base. I’m unsure whether to pump at either 48 or 72 hours or if I should wait like a full week to give even more time to heal.

Take a week off and come back at no more than 3”hg and go lighter on the jelqing, one set of each
leave a day between sessions and see how it goes.

The physics of condom pumping

All a condom does when pumping is to reduce the pressure difference experienced by your penis inside the condom. In effect, you are pumping at a reduced pressure, depending on the elastic properties of the condom. Because condoms can deform easily, their elastic properties are not constant along the whole length of the condom (e.g. They can bulge), and hence the effective reduction in pressure difference experienced by your penis might not always be uniform along its length. If you want to reduce the effects of pumping at high pressure, simply pump at lower pressure. This is better solution because the pressure is known (presumably you have a pump with a gauge), and the pressure difference along your penis is constant. Using a condom is just plain silly.

There might be a marginal effect caused by reduced heat transfer through the condom, which will help to keep your penis warm, but I doubt this is relevant.


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