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Cheap IR light for pumping (general PE)

Cheap IR light for pumping (general PE)

Hey guys,

I know that this has been talked about in previous threads, but thought I’d bring it up again.

I went to Home Depot and bought a red colored IR bulb. This is the kind you install in bathrooms for instant radiant heat. About $10.00. Then got a portable lamp, which is an aluminum reflector with a clamp on it, and of course a bulb socket( about $6.00). Unfortunately it has a rating of 100 watts, and the bulb is 250 watts. ( I couldn’t find one with a good ceramic socket, which would be much safer. If you use this set up, be aware that it could eventually be a fire hazard, better to get one with a ceramic socket.)

I can clamp it to my computer desk and it heats the tissue very nicely. IR is said to penetrate up to 1 1/2 inches, which works great for the penis. I either cover my balls with a sock or just open my pants enough so I cover my testicles. This is just for safety due to the heat.

Yesterday was the first time I used it, and it seems to penetrate the clear cylinder very nicely. Too early to tell what kinds of gains it will help with, but the overall consensus is that guys get better results with heat and especially this type.

Words of caution, bulb gets real hot…be careful. It is also best to try and keep about 18” between the bulb and your package. The other thing I seem to remember from school is overuse can cause mottling,that is spotty pigmentation. I don’t remember what the definition of overuse was, but be aware if you start to get brown spots, it may be the light.


An update here.

The WalMart in my town (southern cal) sell a aluminum reflector clamp light, with a ceramic socket and protective wire cage, rated at 250 watts.

The large IR bulb heat lamp fits perfectly into and works great.

This is the proper set up for the large 250 watt IR heat bulb and is not going to melt on you with extended use.

Cost is about $8.00 total.



What’s the brand of the “aluminum reflector clamp light”? Is that the name on the box? What color is the lamp and the box? And finally (last question I promise), what section of the store did you find it? Hardware, right?

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