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A few questions.

A few questions.

Hey everybody,

I decided to finally start a pumping routine mostly for girth and stay as consistant with it as possible. I have pumped a few times before for fun and I usually would get the start of a donut and have trouble staying really hard. Today after starting up the routine I stayed around 5hg for ten minutes and then did some jelquing. I noticed that I didn’t really have any fluid build-up and was rock hard afterwards. My question: Should I be experiencing fluid build-up for gains or is no fluid build-up better. Also I would like to start some manual stretching. Will this hinder my girth gains? Should I do them before or after pumping? Thanks for any help!

No fluid build up is better.

Stretching will not hinder your girth gains.

I prefer to stretch before pumping.

thanks a lot gprent101!

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