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Who here does fulcrum hanging?

Who here does fulcrum hanging?

Being a tunica man with a low LOT, I’m giving fulcrum hanging a go after starting with regular SD hanging for the first 3 weeks. Surprisingly, I find I that I can do more weight with fulcrum hanging than I can with SD, which I guess means that my penis is stronger than my ligs. Does this mean that I may, just may, have some lig gain potential, even though my LOT is real low?

And does anybody else fulcrum hang? This is pretty cool. I’m doing it now with 10 lbs. on the CCH3 as I type. I started at 5 lbs SD, then worked up to 7.5 lbs SD. But when I got to doing fulcrum hanging (today’s the second time), I can’t even feel anything with less than 10 lbs. I may even try 12.5 for my next set, it feels so easy.

Guess this means I have a strong dick, huh? I had been doing lots of clamped girth work for the last 8 months and that’s probably played a role.

Metal Ed,

I have just started fulcrum hanging SO. After 5 minutes with 6.75 pounds I have to take away the fulcrum because my septum is burning up due to the intense stretch.


Not surprising that you are the only one who’s spoken up so far, as it was your routine thread that gave me the idea to fulcrum hang.

Now, how do you balance out the tunica work? What I mean is, it seems to me that this sort of fulcrum hanging will primarily stretch the top of the tunica. But we want to stretch all of it, right? Don’t we need to do some sort of stretch for the bottom of the tunica, as well (unless we want to develop a downward curve)?

I already have a mild downward curve that I am happy with. I’ve no desire to exaggerate it.

I can’t think of a way to make fulcrum hanging for the bottom of the tunica feasible, as the upper body will always get in the way. Perhaps an additional manual stretching routine is in order? For example, can stretches or V-stretches for the bottom of the tunica.

I’m fulcrum hangign as I type. 13 minutes into my set. Argggggh! The burn! I think I’ll call it a set at 15 minutes!

Metal Ed,
I have an upward curve which has, over time gotten slightly worse. Nothing worth worrying about at this stage, but I wouldn’t want it to get much more pronounced.

You will know from reading my thread, that I am aiming primarily at the septum as I feel it is my greatest limiting factor at this stage.However, I see your point. If I was to fulcrum hang SO (as I do) or SD such that I am preforming an inverted V stretch, then over time I would expect an downward curve as a result.

As far as fulcrum hanging for the bottom of the tunica goes, I guess you could hang OTS and place a fulcrum across the top of your legs and keep it away from the body. Obviously, the problem is keeping it in the place.

Ill have a bit of a think and a search later and post what I find.

I’ve hung fulcrum with good results. IMO, it works the bottom of the shaft more than the top. SS4Jelq and others have noted the same thing. Here is why I think it works that way.

There are a lot of good posts to be found by doing a search.

Ah, I see what you’re saying. You’re saying that the part of the shaft that is proximal to the body (closest to the body and BEFORE the fulcrum) is getting a better stretch on the top than on the bottom.

But, wouldn’t the part of the tunica that is directly on top of the fulcrum be getting a better stretch on the top than on the bottom, at least at that particular point?

*visions of a deformed dick flash before my eyes*

I’m saying the bottom (ventral side of the shaft) gets stretched more if the rod is positioned higher than the shaft attachment point. That’s what it feels like to me. Maybe others with different proportions, such as a shorter septum, feel it in different places.

Whatever the case, a few months of fulcrum hanging didn’t change my curve. My dick has a slight upward curve and a little to the right. PE hasn’t noticeably affected it.

Originally Posted by hobby

Maybe others with different proportions, such as a shorter septum, feel it in different places.

That was exactly what I was about to post today. I was wondering if this would affect what different people felt.

I definitely feel a far greater stretch along the top of my shaft. It is also more intense underneath than regular SO hanging, but not any where near the same magnitude as along the top.

I find that no matter what angle I try to manually stretch, it is always my septum that seem to take the force, even when I stretch straight up (OTS).

Jelktoid also felt fulcrum hanging hitting his septum. He didn’t report back later if the focus changed over time.

I wonder if guys who initially feel more stress in the septum find that it switches to the bottom as the septum lengthens.

We’re all different. And we each have to focus on our limiting factors, whatever they may be and with whatever technique works best to target them. So, it’s probably reasonable to conclude that fulcrum hanging can affect different areas of the shaft depending on the relative lengths of the tissues. I wonder if there is any relation to LOT.


It was from one of Jelktoids posts that I got the idea to try fulcrum hanging.

If and when fulcrum hanging lengthens my septum sufficiently that I feel it more underneath the shaft, I will post as much.

As far as LOT is concerned, mine dropped as far as 6:30 - 7:00 before I started hanging SO. I just checked it again before jumping into the shower and it is now at about 8:30.

As far as LOT is concerned, mine dropped as far as 6:30 - 7:00 before I started hanging SO. I just checked it again before jumping into the shower and it is now at about 8:30.

How far was that away from a PE session? Hanging or stretching upward temporarily raises my LOT. Check yours before and after hanging, just for the hell of it. See if or how much it changes and in which direction.

I doubt LOT matters much for determining where stress is felt while fulcrum hanging. Other factors are probably more influential. Still, it would be interesting to compare if a large enough set of data could be collected.


My mistake.

I meant that when I started hanging SO several weeks ago my LOT had dropped.

After hanging, I find it quite hard to check my LOT because everything is so fatigued!

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