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For those that fulcrum hang or stretch

For those that fulcrum hang or stretch

May was my best ever month for PE as I hit 7 1/8” with a diamond cutter which was a 1/8” gain from the month before. All I did was hang 20 lbs SO 5 times 5 days a week to get it. Since it worked so well in May, naturally I did the same routine in June. Yesterday when I measured I couldn’t even get up to 7 1/8” nonetheless get a gain :( , so I switched back to fulcrum hanging (which has always been the most intense tunica stretch for me but if you dont have to go to extremes then why do it?) What worries me about fulcrum hanging is with all the pressure rotating downward around the device (thread spool) is there a chance that my dick may start to curve downward? I know that directional jelquing can cause this but I wonder does this also apply to fulcrum hanging as there is little blood being forced around while hanging. I have a nice upcurve that I want to keep. Any opinions?

I think if anything it would increase the up curve. I worried about that too until I actually tried fulcrum hanging and found most of the stress is concentrated on the bottom of the shaft.

See attached diagram (crappy as it is :) ).

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Interesting use of geometry to prove home a point, but as I sit here with 20 lbs hanging over the thread spool, I cant help but think the opposite is true. It’s no big deal though now that I think about it. If it does start to curve down I can always jelq up to correct it. If you’re right and it starts to upcurve more, that’s all the better.

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