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Q on fulcrum hanging

Q on fulcrum hanging

The image I have in mind of fulcrum hanging is of some sort of rod across one’s thighs (I have saltwater spinning rod which I think will be perfect for the task, padded with a small towel) with the penis draped over it, hanger and weight attached and in front of the rod and hanging straight down to the floor. The shape that is formed is almost an upside down U or soft U.

Then I saw a drawing from anaother post where the penis was stretched over fulcrum, but in more of a straight out position. The bend was much less acute.

So which is the better or preferred approach? I would think that a greater bend would cause more stress but perhaps those in the know can advise.


I like the SO method, when the fulcrum is draped over in the upside down u as you describe, it is too uncomfortable for me. ‘toid likes it, maybe he will offer advice. I would like to hear how much weight people use this way, even 15 pounds was uncomfortable.


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