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Question about fulcrum hanging

Question about fulcrum hanging

What is the circumference of the bar you guys use to do your fulcrum hanging? Cheers,



Please anyone who does fulcrum hanging could you give me the circumference of the bar you arch your penis over whilst doing your fulcrum hanging so i can get an idea of whether the bar i am using is the right size or not, cheers,



I’m not a hanger, but I use a pipe to do fulcrum stretching, it’s about 1 1/2” in diameter…

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Thanks for the reply, the pipe i use is about 2 1/2 inches all the way around, i was just wanting to compare with others, cheers,



For now mine is 1 1/8” diameter including the padding, and probably about 5/8” of wood underneath. The padding is foam pipe wrap left over from making a power jelq.

It’s small enough that it bothers my urethra if I hang straight over it. Turning my dick (and hanger) 90 or 180 degrees helps take stress off the urethra. I think I’ll try some PVC in the 1.5” range and lose the padding.

Including padding the one I used was 5” MFG (mid-fulcrum girth :) ).


Fulcrum Hanging

Greetings, fellow PEers. This is my first posting, although I’ve visited this forum numerous times as well as other similar forums in the past. I’ve been hanging off and on for about 7 years now, and although I wish I could boast the same progress as folks like Bib, my gains have been less spectacular. A solid 1.25” is not bad I guess, but given the many hundreds (Thousands?) of hours of hang time, I had hoped for better. Having said that, the war goes on and I am going for further gains. I’m particularly interested in this “Fulcrum” hanging. I don’t know much about it but it sounds promising and I am now incorporating it into my routine. But I am amazed that many of you employ this technique while hanging with the Big Hanger. I have a Bib hanger and it seems to take up a lot of my penis when in use and doesn’t allow much room for the the fulcrum. So, instead, I use the “Grip” device when fulcrum hanging, as it pulls the weight from the head and leaves the entire shaft free, with plenty of room to apply the fulcrum, as well as different locations. Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not suggesting that the Grip is a superior hanger to the Bib. On the contrary I’ve had problems in the past with the Grip, such as blisters, and there is a learning curve to applying it correctly. But for fulcrum hanging it is my choice without question. Using the Bib was quite a learning curve as well, but now that I have the “hang” of it, it’s a great hanger. The Bib allows for greater weight and is less costly than the grip. But I can still cosistenly apply 10 pounds with the grip for the fulcrum. I use both in my rountine, starting with the Bib for two or three sets of 12-15 pounds then two sets with the Grip using the fulcrum. BTW, I am not affiliated in any way with the company that manufactures the Grip. I just wanted to offer an alternative in a specific application ie Fulcrum Hanging. Hope this helps and I wish success to all. Cheers!


Do you have a regular, or a Starter?


Good question, Bib. Hey fulcrum hangers, what are your stats and which hanger do you use?

I’m 7” BPEL, 7.5” BPFSL and use a Starter. There’s room behind it, but not enough to move the fulcrum point around much.

MasterBuilder, check out the posts about LOT if you haven’t already. Fulcrum hanging seems to be a good option for guys with lower LOTs.

Another question for fulcrum hangers: where do you feel the stress the most? For me, it’s primarily the underside of the shaft and the base. Seems strange. I’d think the septum between the CCs would be hit hardest. Perhaps it would if I had room to move the fulcrum point forward.

To Bigger

In Reply I have a regular hanger. I know it’s larger than the starter, but at just over 8” BPEL, I still don’t have a lot of room to do fulcrum hanging. Not a problem, though. The Bib’s great for the real heavy weight and the Grip for the fulcrum. Plus, after a few sessions with the Bib hanger, my skin is somewhat irritated from “pinching”, so the grip takes the pressure off that. Oh, and to HOBBY, thanks for the tip. I’ll read up on LOT and see if it applies.


To answer your questions, I used the starter, my FSL was 8.5”, and I too felt the stress on the underside, near the base. I think this is the best place for the stress to be, as gains in this area would surely tighten the ligs and increase their gain potential.


> I think this is the best place for the stress to be, as gains in this area would surely tighten the ligs and increase their gain potential.<

I agree, but I’m surprised the focus is there instead of on top. Jelktoid was one of the first to report good progress from fulcrum hanging. IIRC, he figured his gains came from stretching the top of the shaft. I think he referred to it as being a ligament, though he was most likely referring to the septum.

The septum is a T-shaped ridge of connective tissue that runs along the centerline of the penis between the two CC’s. Perhaps the upcoming penis anatomy section will show this.

I use the starter and have a bpel of 6 3/4” and a bpsfl of 7 3/4”, i tend to feel the stress on the underside of my shaft.



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