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weight vs time

weight vs time

Would 10 lbs. for 10 minutes be equivalent to 5 lbs. for 20 minutes? I’d guess that the tradeoff would be a bit more complex than that, but what’s the general consensus here?

Bib always advocated hanging with the heaviest weight you could handle… you always need to increase the weight or time to break through “limiting” factors (you get gains as you break down the fibers of the ligs, as you progress, you need to add weigth or sets to break down the stronger fibers that are beyond the ones you have just broken down) as he stated and went into with much detail…maybe thunder or someone can post the thread… he also stated that he got most of his gains once he stepped beyond 15 pounds… others… me included, have found that work as well…. the consensus is to hang with the max that you can handle and push for fatigue… the thing you are really looking for is fatigue… you can even lower the weight and hang in the fatigued state to really hit the ligs hard

I’m sure some other hangers and maybe Bib himself will expound

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Goingdeep is right on target. What you’re aiming for is fatigue and whether you get it with 8lbs or 15lbs is not really the issue. In order to promote growth you will need to achieve this fatigued state and the amount of weight needed will be different for all of us. I’m sure it can be done with ligther weights but you will probably need to hang for a much longer time to achieve the same degree of fatigue created by using heavier weights. It’s all about controlled damage - too much will injure you, but too little and you won’t see growth. It’s a bit of a balancing act and there is a learning curve………. ;)

Listen to your body and take it slowly and sensibly!

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could you explain how the feeling of fatigue differs from the regular stress of hanging? I just did my first session last night, felt it in the ligs a bit for awhile, but am wondering how that differs from fatigue.

Describe the feeling

Hey Busterhymes,

Take a look at this thread below, there may be some good info for you.

Feeling the stretch

Personally, I think I’ve reached the fatigued state when I’ve had a good haning session where I can relax completely and focus on what is going on with my dick. By the end of my day I feel worked, and have a slight dull ache towards the base of my penis. If I kegel, it seems almost difficult to get a good pump.

The stress of hanging to me is like a tugging feeling with a slight electric tingle inside. It’s hard to explain the difference between skin stretching and the ligs stretching. There is a lot of different feelings concentrated in a small area (relatively speaking).

Hope that helps.

Goodwood :chuckle:

Buster and Goodwood,

I agree with you Goodwood. I have been hanging enough now that I have gotten past the skin stretch and into the ligs. I had been reading a lot about lig pops and although I’ve never had one, I know the ligs are stretching. I use a heating pad set on high covered with a wet hand towel to apply moist heat during hanging. About three or four times now I have felt a lig stretch that I can best describe as a “letting down”. It is a slight burning sensation accompanied by a feeling of slow movement. I hang BTC. I am using a homemade hanger, and although I don’t particularly like it (it’s an AFB2), it does work. I am hanging 15 pounds and am trying to work up to 20. I will hang about 2-3 hours a day (in my office).

Best of luck


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