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Feeling the stretch


Feeling the stretch

OK. So you’re hanging and feeling the stretch. Can someone explain what it should feel like when your “in the zone” and getting a good quality stretch going on. Although I think I’ve got the technique down pretty good, it seems sometimes I have “off” days when my dick has its’ own adgenda and just wont cooperate. I’m trying to better understand how the quality stretch should feel.



Well I have only been hanging for about 4 weeks now. I have two different ways of hanging, one for lig stretching and then for the tunic.

When you have a good lig pull going you should feel it in the ligs and at the base where the penis meets the pelvis bone. For me its like a dual ache that becomes very annoying after so long and you will have to stop. I also get them pops as the ligs are stretched and to me is another good sign that you are hitting the spot. I stand most the time when I’m trying to hit my ligs so the weight is hanging straight down.

Now for the tunic, I sit for that and use a pulley system to hang with and I hang straight out. When I hit the tunic hard it feels like an internal burning, but its not the skin stretching but the internal structure of the penis. In the last 2 weeks I have noticed the size increase at the base of my penis.

Well I hope that has help….


lig pops

You get the lig pop too? First time it happened to me I thought my dick was gonna snap off! Have you had any pain or discomfort from it? Why does it even pop to begin with?

I’ve only had it happen a couple of times. Scared the hell out of me both times. Is there a way to stop it? Is it bad?

OK, enough questions….thanks.


Lig Pops are good!!

Most guys into hanging have experienced lig pops and they are just the lig extending under force.

The explanation —so far in our inexact science— is that some ligs are shorter than others and these take all of the force and give way with relatively small weights early in your hanging career.

Eventually— as must be my case, you end up with all the ligs the same length, and then the force needed to extend them is much higher.

Tha’s why experienced hangers need to use more weight , and it can become—-is this me?? —- a case of diminishing returns.

No-one here— or at PE Forum— to my knowlege —- has reported any pain or ill effect associated with lig pops.

Enjoy your pops while you can. I haven’t had one for ages.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

the hanging "zone"


you will come to realize that it’s as much about hanging comfort as much as feeling the strecth. It seems to me when I’m comfortable with my wrap,and attachment the stretch seems to follow.

And yes your right, even after close to a year of hanging ” juinor” still doesn’t want to cooperate every day.


I can relate to your situation, while I’m still gaining slow but sure, the stress continues to increased as well. I personally believe the only true way for me to increase lenght is to increase the weight used for heavy sets followed by lighter weight for a cycle type training system.



Lig Pops!

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the info about the lig pops. I recently increase my weights up to 10 lbs. A few days into the new weights, I felt a “pop”. It scared the shit out of me too! I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital.

So…the popping does go away?

What weight are you guys hanging at now? And how long did it take to get up to that weight? How much of an increase in size so far?

I have also began taking some enhancement pills from GNC. Not sure if this will help, but I thought I’d try it out.

I have also began a routine of hanging heavy for a few days and hanging light for couple of days. I have also began manual stretching and jelqing after hanging. I have started to notice an increase in size.

Any feedback would be great!!!


Hey jdogg1sd,

What are those enhancement pills you mentioned, are they any good?

ù ì å í


About these lig pops… do you continue your hanging session or just stop? I would imagine you continue, but without the knowledge my immediate reaction would be to take the hanger off.


When I first experienced the lig pop I was stacking on more weight while hanging. After the pop I immediately picked up the weights, I was expecting to get a wave of severe pain but nothing happened so I gradually addded more weight and continued. So far no probs.

If you do experience a lig pop I would be extremely cautious and “listen” to your body. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable…… just my 2 cents worth.


Lig pops

Somehow I knew that it was not my dick about to fall off and kept on hanging. Maybe I’d read about it already

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!

Well, I just figure that when my penis makes noises, I need to figure out WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!??! hehehe

Thanks, guys.

Well my lig pops are not as noticeable now. I think the rest of my 1/2” I need is going to take some work! I just hung through the pops.


What did you gain up to this point (when the lig pops tailed off)?

I gained about 1/2” in about 2 1/2 weeks, and the gains now have tapered off alone with the pops. I’m still gaining but not like I did in the first 2 1/2 weeks.


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