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Is it time to add more weight?

Is it time to add more weight?

I’ve reached a point where I no longer feel “fatigue”. In fact, my first hanging session of the day actually feels quite pleasant, lol.

Can I assume this means I need to increase the poundage?

14 lbs.

Have you been increasing weight to get to that amount? How often were you increasing the weights? For how long do you hang and how many sets? What kind of gains have you seen? Are you still seeing gains? I read somewhere that Bib said that you really don’t start seeing really good gains until you reach 15 pounds. I don’t necessarily think that is true but who knows. If you have been doing this for long enough and have gone up in weight in a steady fashion you might be ready for some more weight.

Starting Measurements 03/03/2012: BPEL: 7.30" MSEG: 5.100"

Previous Measurement 11/19/2012: BPEL: 7.90" MSEG: 5.250"

Current Measurements 01/08/2013: BPEL: 8.0" MSEG: 5.250"

Goal: BPEL: 8.25" MSEG: 6.250" <-- Just a bit above the magic | How I'm getting there --> Routine and progress with pics

I started out at one pound and added a pound every three or four weeks. I’ve gained an inch in the last two years but I don’t know if it’s from hanging as I also pump, and do the newbie routine. I do 3 x 20 sets on week days and 12 x 20 sets on the weekends. I’ve been at fourteen pounds for several months now because I was getting good fatigue, but not feeling it anymore. Come august I guess I will kick it up to 15 pounds. I have no desire to go over 20 pounds though. If I reach the state where I’m hanging 20 and feel no fatigue, I think I will stop hanging. I’ve always had a “tough” dick, and belong to the “more is more” camp. I’ve never sustained any PE related injuries, not counting the one time I dropped a 10 pound weight plate on my little toe.

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