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Vacuum Hanging

Hey guys, this is my first post here and I have to say I LOVE hanging.. I feel so much more “work” being done than with any other PE tool I’ve used.

Ok, here is my history:

45 yrs old.
Started with Bathmate almost 2 months ago.
A week ago, I got an extender device (from monkeybars place)
Last Friday I found this forum looking for hanging info and I tried it with the vacuum cap from my autoXtender device with the blue silicon sleeve and man it is a lot less hassle than the extender.

I started a 5.5” BPEL and 5.0” EG
I’m now at 6.25” BPEL and 5.5” EG

When I first did hanging I started with 6 lbs.. I tried only 3 lbs but felt nothing at all, so I added another 3 lbs and it felt great..

Today is my second day and I know you aren’t supposed to go fast, but I went to 10 lbs and it feels perfect, I wouldn’t want to go more, but at 10 lbs, I feel the ligaments stretching all the way up into my abdomen and it is making me sweat (I don’t know if that is common).

For warm up I use an infrared light as they have now shown it increases dna synthesis up to 40% more than without it. SO why not get warm and anabolic at the same time!

I’m doing 3 X 20 min sessions X 5 days per week, (hanging 10 lbs) with the vacuum attachment (by the way, It seems like it could go much heavier without a problem) and it’s easy because I don’t need to wrap and it pulls on the ligaments very well. When I take the weight off and pull off the sleeve, there isn’t much swelling or fluid retention at all. I massage myself just a bit to full erection and everything is back to normal when it subsides immediately.

Before my wife comes home, I do 20 minutes bathmate and my penis is gargantuan by the time we get frisky. My Erect Girth goes up to almost 6.5” and my length stays the same, but my head looks twice the size as normal. It goes away by morning, but I have done it in the morning and it stays really big for about 30 minutes and fairly juicy and heavy for the rest of the day (depending on the temperature and my activity) Adrenalin is what causes your penis to shrink (noradrenalin) so when I lift weights, powerlift, my penis REALLY shrinks.

Starting today, I’m going to use my extender device at a lower intensity (as the higher intensity really irritates the skin at the base of the device) to keep myself extended most of the day (I work at home).

I do have a question for bib though.. Since I take the weekends off (I feel I need it by the end of the week), will I lose much of my gains from the week, I really don’t want thicker ligaments, I want them stretched.

Cyclope, let me get this right. You use the blue sleeve from the autoextender with the cap to hang 10 lbs?

Im asking because I also have been experimenting with the same thing. The only difference is I have tightly wrapped theraband on top of the cap, spiraling it down towards the end of the blue sleeve. As I was testing how much weight it could endure, well 15lbs was working great, Im pretty sure I couldve gone to 17 aswell.

I went back and didn’t see anyone on this post names Cyclope ?? So are you asking me “SkepticalOne”? If you are, yes I just use the blue sleeve and the cap that I use with the extender. I don’t wrap and I I don’t feel I need to as I have no pain or discomfort and I have no issues after a 20 minutes session?

Yea, I dont know where I got Cyclope from.

Do you tape the glans though, with some tape?

No I don’t use any tape, but I have already done 5 X 20 min. Sessions today and have had zero problem. No hickey, no blue head, nothing.. Well, it’s a little mis-shapen when it comes out of the vacuum and sleeve, but that goes away after one erection.

How do you know when you’re ligs are fatigued? (And I don’t want to find out because they fail). But I’ve done as I said 5 20 min sessions with 10 lbs and to be honest, I feel great.. Like I could do 5 more. But The weight feels like max for me right now.

It’s funny that I had huge problems with 5 lbs in the past and now I’m hanging with 10 lbs and no problems. I’m using the blue sleeves.

I tore a blue sleeve yesterday (10 lbs) so I ordered a red sleeve (hard).. But I also taped over my blue sleeve yesterday as 10 lbs causes the silicone sleeve to stretch and flex, which also can hurt my head if it gets pinched while it happens.. I just got all fitted up and then taped over the blue sleeve with athletic tape (no flex in it) and it got rid of 99% of the flex. Much more comfortable.

I did have to start taping the glans too though. I got my first water blister and so began taping the glans, but haven’t had any problems since.

Anyone know how many hours at what weight BIB hung for?

I have to admit, hanging it producing great results. I had already gained 3/4” BPEL from using the bathmate for 6 weeks, but in only one week of hanging with 10 lbs (4-5) 20 minute sessions per day, I gained another 1/4” of BPEL.

skepticalOne, are you hanging with the vac-extender cylinder or do you have the vacu-hanger?

I’m actually using the vac-extender cylinder.why?

I bought the vac-extender set up from monkeybar’s place and I have to say I regret buying the extender (even though his vac-extender is WAY better than the others).. It is just that next to hanging, an extender is like pre-school.

Why aren’t more people hanging! It is awesome!

I’m just amazed that you can hang 10 lbs with the tiny vac-extender cup! :D Before I had vacu-hanger, I tried to hang 7.5lbs with vac-extender cup and it was difficult.

I broke the first blue sleeve. But now I tape over the blue sleeve (until I get the red one) and it stops it from flexing. I could hang 15 lbs I’m almost sure.but my penis couldn’t handle it right now.. So you like the vacu-hanger better?? Can you describe why? Maybe I’ll get one?

That reminds me I need to order red sleeves! Better wait until I move next week though.

The vac hangers deeper than the vac extender cylinder, My head pushes all the way in and with wrap it feels nice and secure, I tried with the extender cylinder but couldn’t get it right.

I squeeze my head down with the tape, so I get zero fluid retention.

Does anyone get sort of a thickened skin from hanging in general or is it specific to vacuum hanging? Both the shaft and glans have this sort of thickened calloused skin. I’d appreciate some feedback experience here?


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