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Vacuum Hanging

I will try that. Did you peal away the dead skin too?

I did yeah, if it was anywhere else I wouldn’t normally but on the head of your cock it rubs to much so I peal it off and wash it. Try and keep it dry.

Hmm keep it dry? I was thinking the exact opposite. If it dries is will scab, crack and be painful. At least thats what happened last time. I was thinking about trying to keep ointments like Neosporin on it 24/7.

Yikes. I’ve been anxious for Monkeybar to re-introduce his vacuum hanger, but that description of blisters from vacuum hanging is discouraging. I think some guys are just more susceptible to blisters than others. In my case, using the Xleeve creates what look like water blisters, so maybe I should stick to the Wench.

start 1/20/08: 6.0 nbpel, 5.5 eg, 4 fl, 5 fg

now 6/30/12: 6.75 nbpel, 5.875 eg, 5.0 fl, 5.125 fg

dlm4, sorry to hear about the blister. Hope you heal quickly.

From what I’ve read online it says keep it dry?

Mrclyde don’t be put off, When the wraps right you shouldn’t get blisters.


You may be right. Of course, the way to tell if you have the wrap wrong is by getting a blister.

start 1/20/08: 6.0 nbpel, 5.5 eg, 4 fl, 5 fg

now 6/30/12: 6.75 nbpel, 5.875 eg, 5.0 fl, 5.125 fg

Exactly, The wrap IMO needs to Be tight enough so I doesn’t pull away from the head once you have sealed the vacuum and attached the hanger, if it’s not tight it pulls away and gives room for a blister to form. If that makes sense in any way, it is 04.44 and time for me to go to bed :)

I agree with Kimc, if you wrap right this probably shouldn’t happen. Of course when it does happen with me, it happens in dramatic fashion. This is one BIG blister. And it hurts like hell! I have been thinking about what I did differently that made this happen, and it could be a few things. First, I usually double wrap nice and tight(tape). However, since I started using the paper splint (mentioned above), I only used one layer, and I did not press it on very tight. That could be the issue. Or second, I used a lot more heat than I usually do. This may have cause my penis to perspire, causing the tape to weaken its hold. When I was done hanging the tape had slipped all the way up my shaft too. And third, I had just gone up in weight as well. However, I had been hanging at that weight (15lbs) for a couple of days. It could be one of these, or a combination of all of them. So what’s the moral of the story? Be as thorough as possible and take all the precautions. :-)

I got a blister not so long ago, I hung BTC for my usual 45 minutes then realised I had some free time still, so warmed up again but leaving the wrap on then hung again for another 30. Now I knew the wrap wasn’t tight when decided to hang for a second set but said hey fuck it and look what happens :( Pure laziness on my part and it backfired.

As dlm4 said be as thorough as possible and take all the precautions!

Any tips how to get good seal? No matter what I do, I can’t hang more than 5lbs and the hanger slips or came off. I use MB’s Vacu-Hanger and I also got Max-Vac 2. I have been trying to get good seal all day with both hangers but can’t get it!


I dont know how MB’s vachanger and the max-vac II look like but maybe you could attach a hose clamp on the sealing sleeve? Thats how I killed vacuum leakage from my homemade vac hanger.

(It may be a bit unclear but this could help you get an image of what I mean with the hose clamp attached to the sealing sleeve, although Im not sure how the sleeve looks like with MB’s and Mynewsize’s vac hangers Pillars - Pillars I can get 6 girth)

You dont need to tighten it much, just a very small BIT and the vacuum will hold, hell I dont even need a pump, it creates it own vacuum now.

Thanks for the tip. How close is your glans to the end of the cylinder? I get good seal now when I push my glans to the wall so there is no any air but it feels very uncomfortable with even 5lbs. Maybe I got wrong type wrapping material? I don’t get it when some guys report comfortable hanging with something like 15lb’s.

I dont think you should be pushing your glans against the cylinder, that is indeed uncomfortable and potentially harmful.

Hmm…I was hanging 15lbs comfortably until I got that blister. One of the main reasons for blisters I think is because of air in the cap. If you can push all the air out by pushing your glans against the end of the cylinder, I say that’s the best way to do it. Mister007 when I first started using my vac I could not handle 5lbs. It hurt like hell! But after some time using it as an ADS with lighter weight, and then finding the tape wrap method, I easily moved up in weight. So just take is slow, and perfect your wrapping technique.


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