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Question about daily hang time

Question about daily hang time

In my current situation, I’d only have time for 2x20 minute hangs per day. Is it worth starting at this amount of time, or will that be detrimental in the long run? For example is hanging 40 minutes per day going to increase the toughness of the ligs, etc. making them harder to stretch when I do actually have more time to hang?

On the one hand I’m thinking any hanging is better than no hanging, but on the other hand I’m concerned that I’d just be making it harder to progress in the future. So should I start now, or hold off until I know I will have a good chunk of time each day?

I hang 2 20 minute sets in the a.m. and manual stretch throughout the day when I can.

As long as you are using sufficient weight to reach fatigue, 2 20 minute sets are much better than none at all, in my opinion.

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That’s the thing: Hanging in the fatigued state is ideal for getting good gains. But if you’ve only got 40 minutes, the first 20 minutes gets you to fatigue, then you’re only going to be hanging 20 more minutes in that fatigued state. It seems that this might promote strength rather than length which would make it tougher to gain in the long run.


>It seems that this might promote strength rather than length which would make it tougher to gain in the long run.<

Unless you take time off to decondition, any PE will make the tissues stronger. The added strength comes from healing of the deformed tissues. Adding more mass etc. So, as long as you are making gains with limited time, the added strength is a byproduct.

At some point, you will probably have to add more sets, or more weight to continue gaining. But this is the same whether you are hanging for two sets or twenty.

Just do what you can, and don’t worry about the strenght issue until you have to. Then, you can always decondition.



did you ever have to deconditon? And if so, for how long?

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No, I never did.


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