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100 power jelqs a day

100 power jelqs a day

Will 100 power jelqs a day be enough to gain size and girth slowly? I do not mind doing them for 2 years to gain 2 inches.

any ideas?

100 power jelqs a day


im a newbie. what exactly is a power jelq? thanks

Depends on if 100 power-jelqs is a low intensity or medium intensity routine. If it’s low intensity, then I am sure you’d gain if you did it every day, even if you took one day off a week.

But if it’s a medium intensity (and I don’t know what the power-jelq reps feel like, so I don’t understand that form of ‘intensity’), then you’d eventually start overtraining.

And if you don’t know it by now, *I* know fatigue.

At least that’s what Thunder tells me. hehe

Yes, but the PJ would be causing a different type of “fatigue”. It would be pretty dam hard to induce the “lig fatigue”, that you know Buster, using a PJ.

If that is all the routine you can do, then it will definetly be better than stopping completely. BUT, do some PC exercises also. Those can be done at any time, you don’t have to do them at the same time.

Also, I would build up to the hundred strokes slowly and with light intensity at first.

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Oh sorry. I don’t think length when I am considering the PJ, just girth. And two inches as a goal should be an obvious length goal, not girth. Wasn’t too sharp there.

Is there a video demonstration for power jelks

Just call me a kinetic learner

I think the power jelq site has some short demo clips on their web page.

"Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance." - Samuel Johnson

Yea I would be interested in seeing a “Power” Jelq too.

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