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Question for you guys that hang 100 min+ per day.


Just hanging my first session at 7.5 lbs this morning. I definitely see how one builds up a tolerance and how much difference the heavier weight becomes. But above all I must not rush things and I like the idea of using lighter weight to maintain the stretch like an ADS later in the day. thanks for your help and your feedback, JelkyWad

I Just Made Captains Wench .just Wanted To Say Im In Love With It Thanks Capt!

anybody please help.when im using the wench my skin feels like its giong to tear and my dorsal vein feels like its giong to tear .any help would be great.thanks so much for all the info guys


Do me a favor and read the Forum Guidelins when you get a minute?

Now, you’re going to need to give out more information. Are you hanging over the shoulder or between the cheeks? How did you wrap? How much weight? How is the wench attached? Is the cable clamp in the right spot? Is it the right size cable clamp?

Skin burn is…a funny thing. I’ll just say that everyone gets it and spare you the Full Metal Jacket speech, ok?

I’m worried about the dorsal vein, though. Can you describe where and how it hurts for me, please?


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