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PE ends for me today


PE ends for me today

My PE History is a long painful one:

I mad manual workout for about half a year without any results. Then I used the PeniMaster last Summer 2003 until Feb 2004 (12 hours a day, max tension) with no results.
Then I started hanging in Feb 2004: 2 hours a day, six days a week (20 min sets) (and this to REAL fatigue, and more) hanging at upper angles (LOT theory), four weeks ago I started 3 hours a day, six days a week, and today I measured: NO GAIN, finding myself with tears in my eyes, because I sarcyficed so much fucking time to this FUCKING PE!! (Sry for bad English)
Everywhere I read this cool progressstorys from guys gaining with just 5 pounds tons of Penis .. I’m broken, being the only one dedicating the most of my time to PE with not just a mm.

I’m leaving. Cu Guys. Was fun talking to you.

I don’t know enough about routines to give any good advice at all, but is it possible hanging isn’t for you and perhaps pumping or something else could be more fruitful?

I’m sorry you have come to the final stage of your frustration. I guess after trying so long it is reasonable to want to quit, but I feel there is always hope.

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lost guitar,

In case you come back here and read this thread, I am sorry no gains came of anything you tried. I am sure in the state of mind you are in, the last thing you want to hear right now is advice. But, I along with others here would like to help. There are 3 things I see on your post that I believe you did not try.

1) Simple Jelqing

2) Clamping of any and all kinds.

3) Hanging at SO, SD

It seems like you focused on all ligament development, and no cellular development. Also, you hung at upper angles only. If you read this, is there any more details on weight and hanging or any exercises you did? Did you use heat? Do you take supplements?

Formerly known as Sex&Guns. R.I.P.

I used the Bibhanger.

I tried all angles.

My last weight was 26 pounds.

@Sex and guns: sorry but I thought that jeql is manual exerices, I used to make that all, and I hung all angles

Supplements? All you can get, form simple Proteinshakes .. And even steroids (I’m Prof Bodybuilder) .. But I wasn’t on Steroids when I was doing PE

Its hard to believe...

It’s hard to believe that you didn’t gain any length hanging 25 pounds… I have never heard of anyone hanging that much weight, period.

Originally Posted by lost Guitar
And even steroids (I’m Prof Bodybuilder) .. But I wasn’t on Steroids when I was doing PE

This could be a HUGE problem. I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but this does NO good for your bat and balls. Everybody I knew in college who took this had shrinkage. This worries me right out of the gates that you took this. Besides, the after effects from steroids don’t stop when you stop taking them.

As for supplements, anything to increase bloodflow, repair cellular growth? L-Arginine, Yohimbe, etc.?

How about your recovery time?

As for hanging, did you use heat? What about an all day stretch afterwards and between sets. Did you let your junk shrink back into your body?

Formerly known as Sex&Guns. R.I.P.

@All: thanks for all of your advices, but, you see .. There is even a life on the outside of my house, and I spend the most of the time just in work, in gym, and then PE in my Room. It’s .. Just .. I want now to see people again, and not loosing a thought about: “Man! It’s 5 PM, I have to start hanging! So getting home as fast as it’s possible!” NO!! Now I will stay. It’s over for me, I dedicatet too much time and Pain to this, but I will go to my .. (Don’t know how this is called in english, and I’m too lazy to go to the dictionary) .. Urology, to check out what he thinks bout my lil member.

lost Guiter,

I know you’re down right now, but before you give up look into what may be the cause of this. Perhaps there is an answer. How much heating did you do?

Yo, how long were you hanging 26 pounds and in what way? Also, what are your starting measurements?

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@Sex and guns: well, I know how to deal with Roids, and my balls are ok 4 weeks after finishing my cicle .. It’s you have to know how to use it. Ok, balls shrink, but not the Penis, and when you stopp with roids, you have to make 4 or more weeks with clomid .. Then balls and normal testosterone is ok again.

My last cycle was about 5 years ago, so I can’t imagine that this is any problem. My balls are as they used to be, and my bloodpicture (?) is good to (sry, I’m german)

Lost Guitar,

I’ve read on these forums about guys who didn’t gain a mm until they started hanging over 25lbs.

And, I read “Bib’s History” where he talked about hanging from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (6 days a week) and he was up to 40lbs or more.

What about the question of your heat use?

What about ADS in conjunction with hanging?

I’m sure there’s a thousand other questions that could be asked by the pros on this forum.

There’s a million ways to go with PE. You haven’t tried them all.

Blast it. Safely.

Warmest Regards

dive, dive, dive

All I can say is that maybe you used too many angles with hanging.

What if you concentrated all that time on one angle like SD?
That would have been consistent and continuous stress on certain fibers.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

It is time for a paradigm shift in PE. Some men adapt very quickly and to a point that results in very little or no gains. The problem is quite obviously a physical change within the penis and I think the culprit is fibrosis. We need a smart, safe and relatively simple way to fight this.

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