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Should I PE today?

Should I PE today?

The lil guy is pretty sore today. When flacid, it feels somewhat tight, almost like the day after a pretty hard workout….not where your sore, but you definetly feel you had a good workout. When hard and I squeeze and jerk a little, there is some pain, not unbearable but its still there. Should I take off today and let myself rest or should I still PE, just with not as much intesity?

BTW, I PE’d two days in a row before today, the day before that (Sunday) was my one weekly break, so it’s not like I’ve been going a month without rest or something….


Your dick is speaking loudly and telling you to take a break. Try at least two days off, and then see how you’re recovering. A good sign to look out for is that you get strong/firm erections with little effort. PE should not be a painful experience.


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