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PE ends for me today

I wonder if weightlifting has strengthened your abdominal tissues so much it is effecting PE.

I forgot to ask, do you know Arnold?

Lost Guitar is reporting zero gains - ever.

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Hey Bro

Try the less is more theory just do a .5 session of jelqs and squeezes 5 days a week and see if you get any results you might have been over training. Also small sessions are good for penis health even if you don’t gain. Good luck bro and I hear you about the time I took the whole summer off and it was great.

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I think you’re right. (Maybe) The healing response in certain individuals is so fast that unless they stay under traction for 12-16 hours after maximum stress like in hanging, they retract once the stress is removed, and some scar tissue (fibrosis) may form that is much stronger than before. Or, maybe lesions/scars/fibroids are triggered because of trauma in the presence of reduced circulation.

What I found here is a reach as to applicability to PE but, for what its worth:

Hyaluronidase, a mucolytic enzyme is being investigated, as a scar
tissue “dissolver”. “Even if scar tissue is not removed, if it can be
softened (made more elastic), there may be relief from its physical
manifestations such as bowel blockage, pain, and some cases of

This is an interesting article and may be relevant to PE even though it discusses scar tissue formation in abdominal surgeries. One issue that is manifest in scar formation and that is stagnation. Scarring or lesions are severe when there is loss in circulation be it vascular or peristaltic.

There have been other references about the use of proteolytic enzymes to go after scars or fibrotic tissue. The challenge is, how to verify an enzyme system works and how to localize its effects?!

It’s interesting to note that Hyaluronic Acid shows up in topical skin treatments so maybe the enzyme is a better approach.

It’s kind of crazy to think you have baste your unit in merronade or meat tenderizer (ie, enzymes), stretch the hell out of it, and wrap it in a thermal blanket to get PE results - but maybe that’s whats required.



Then - BPEL 5.9, EG 5.2 - Now: BPEL 7.2, EG 5.6 Listen woman, "Don't bitch at me for burning the candle at both ends - just get me some more wax!"

Hi LG,

I do not want to post in forums, but your story really moved me.

The above link is to a web page in german( I do not speak german any more but still

can read-have about 12,5% austrian blood).

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I started PE trying to reduce the number if middle night trips to the bathroom.

Saw palmetto, pygeum africanum and zinc were providing only partial relief.

After a month , bingo, I do not wake up at all!

Did I get bigger? I don’t know. It looks longer and thicker, but my dick can not

be tamed /LOL/ I get differences in measurements up to ¾ in EL and ½ EG !?

Plus I get an immediate hard on after taking 5mg of valium and can’t get it up after taking 10mg of Levitra!?Figure it out- I gave up. But it does not mean that you should!



penismith, and MrTips,

If what you’re saying is true, would there be natural supplements that are good for PEers by keeping tissues and vessels elastic? Would this help counter fibrosis buildup? For instance, what about vitamin e and fish oil? What about MSM, which is said to keep connective tissue limber? Any connection between these supplements and combating fibrosis? I’ve been taking fish oil capsules consistently for years for it’s all around health benefits. I’ve wondered for some time if it may help with PE exercises also. I’ve only taken vitamin e sporadically.

I’m wondering if, as a professional bodybuilder who has done that for years, if his repair mechanisms aren’t so pumped up that he heals up too quickly.

lost Guitar: have you ever incorporated an ADS into your routine?

lost Guitar,

Is there a difference between your Bone pressed flaccid stretched length (BPFSL) before and after your hanging sets for the day? If so then perhaps you just need to use some sort of ADS?

If there is no difference then you’re not making a noticable difference with that routine and you’ll need to mix it up a bit.

I would recommend pumping combined with jelqing and squeezes as then at least you can see your max size on a daily basis, and watch it increase, with your normal erect size catching up eventually.

Stick with it!

This is so sad lost Guitar, I really do feel for you. Hopefully, all this concern and the wealth of good advice, will encourage you to give PE another try. I hope it does.

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THx for your concern! I calmed down and wanna give it another try.

@ICM: as for BP: my dick is a bit longer after hanging. So what do I have to do now? ADS? And if, how long?

lost Guitar,

I don’t know your pe history in detail, but the extended heating warmup, to limber things up before hanging, and either traction wrapping or golf weights or an ads device after hanging, to remain in extended position while the microtears heal, seems very important to me for the hanging to work well.

“All day”, or as much as you can. I wear 2 or 3 golf weights nearly all of my waking hours. I got them from (if you can’t find them locally), but Monty is making what looks to be an even better version at

Good luck!!

Lost Guitar,

I’m gonna put on my helmet in anticipation of being pelted for saying this, but I think you’re doing the right thing. I did hundreds of hours of jelqing and hanging, with absolutely nothing to show for it, and finally gave it up. Everybody will tell you that if you just did it this way, or that way, you would get gains, but of course everybody’s suggestions are different, and you have no way at all of telling which ones might in fact do any good except by investing even more months in PE. At some point, if it hasn’t worked for you, I think it makes sense to accept that and go on.

I know everyone here wants to maintain a positive attitude and encourage those who may be having trouble making the commitment, but by any measure I think you’ve given it more than a fair shot. If you were going to be able to achieve gains from ANY method, I think you would have seen SOME benefit from what you’ve done already.

Based on your experience and mine, and others, I think it’s clear that some men just don’t get any gains from PE. I have no idea why that’s the case, but it seems to be so. I just think that if you’ve gotten no gains at all from all the work you’ve done, it’s not likely that anything is going to work for you. I remember a guy posting that if you applied yourself, and committed to the program, eventually major gains were “inevitable”. I think that’s just completely wrong.

Of course, this may be viewed as just trying to rationalize my own decision to drop PE, and maybe it is.

It would be interesting to know how many men ultimately made significant gains after first being completely unsuccessful under a program as extensive as yours. I would be surprised if there were many (any?).

Helmet on, with chin strap. Fire away.

Nothing to pelt you with here, Chuck. IMO, there is nothing wrong with anything you said.


Hey Lost, I’ve got something for you to look at.

I think a couple of the posts here might be right on the mark. They talked about the possibility of your healing faster then normal. Given that, there are two routes you could look at: 1) Is to go through a deconditioning period to allow for the degradation of your support structures then start again. Seems to me though that you mentioned that you tried this. 2)The other thing is something that will slow down or inhibit your healing process. That’s where this article comes in.…_ligaments.html You could see changes with just an aspirin or an NSAID. I take an aspirin a day not originally for PE’ng but for cardiovascular reasons. It just so happens that I may have benefited myself without knowing it.

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