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PE ends for me today


Lost Guitar,
I’m going to go with a gut feeling here but I also think that you are experiencing some kind of retraction or fast healing that basically robs you of potential gains…thus you never gain no matter how hard you work it.
I also believe in Dinos advice that less is more.

I think the solution is to make sure that you wear some kind of Ads device like the Penimaster or Captns Wench after a good workout so that you force the tissues/micro-tears to heal in the extended state.

Did you try pumping and manual exercises combination?

I think the Penimaster and/or Cap’s Wench works best as a reinforcement in your case, i.e., when used as a supplement to workouts as opposed to the actual workout itself…i.e., it can stop the retraction from taking place.
Other sound advice is to stop the Steroids and go Natural (L-arginine, Zinc and all that other good shit) and try the above advice before you decide to quit entirely. Report back the results so that others with problems similar to yours might benefit.

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First: thx to all of you!
Next: as I said: I used the PeniMaster for about a year, and now I want to combine it with my hanging, BUT: I was never shure how long to let the PM on. 30min, 60min? It is this, that after 30 minutes my dick is cold, not blue colour, but it is cold, like cold skin in winter. Should I put it down to reheat? And continue afterwards?

To those who read about my steroidtime: as I said: it was long ago, and I’m not going to be “on” again.


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