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More proof that long periods of hanging may be beneficial?

Originally Posted by ddogusterion
As a fix, I advocate using everyday, normal incandescent bulbs. They generate a ton of IR, because they are only about 6% efficient: about 6% of the energy consumed by the bulb results in visible light (the desired quantity) and 93% of the energy is thrown off as … heat, that is, as IR radiation. In other words, there is no UV risk with these bulbs, or we’d all have to wear sun glasses in our homes.

That chain of thought is somewhat flawed. Allow me to paraphrase you for effect:

there is no UV risk with the Sun, or we'd all have to wear sunglasses when exposed to sunlight.

I have found some useful information here:…flightbulbs.htm

Incandescent bulbs do emit some UV radiation, but little enough that we don’t need to care about it (actually it can even be beneficial, allowing for a tiny bit of vitamin-D synthesis).

Infrared lamps are mostly like the incandescent bulbs used for lighting, but tuned so that their radiation power spectrum is shifted to the infrared side. Thus, for the same nominal power, an IR bulb emits less UV radiation than its regular incandescent counterpart. Because of this, I don’t think there can be a problem with UV radiation coming from an IR lamp (maybe someone has access to more reliable information?).

BUT there can be a problem with excessive heat. Our cells want to be at “body temperature”, and it is bad for them to be at higher temperatures for long. That’s why you shouldn’t heat your unit for an extended period of time, unless you can make sure the temperature is appropriate (which you can’t do with an IR lamp).

If only hanging didn’t hurt so much.

I think I figured out something, it’s like working out after you go to the gym and weight training you should come back home and do “light” exercises, basically the same thing you were doing wit weights without em, to rip that extra muscle safely and consistently, I think

A. Unlike muscles we need to keep our dicks in a constant state of repair, meaning, we need to hang everyday, and manually stretch and jelq after
B. We need to “stretch jelq” jelq when not very erect
C. We gotta do it everyday so our dicks don’t get tolerant to the pressure, everyday till we reach about an inch over what we want, days off unlike muscle building are completely against us, it just gives our dicks time to make itself stronger against the constant bombardment of pressure we give it, we need ads’s too, unless your gonna manual all day, or hang very lightly (this is what I’m gonna do) an ads is what we need, even with the other options we need an ads that can be easily concealed, point blanc any time we aren’t stretching our dicks with the exception of sleep is time that works against us unfortunately..
D. I think we have to do it all, Ulis, stretches, hanging, jelqs, kegels, dick control exercises, all of it, all types of penile stimulus till we get a good inch over where we’re trynna go, the object is to get to the point where we only have to focus on our penile health, I’m shooting for 9 inches, I’m 7.75-8 erect depending, don’t measure girth, I don’t ever intend on not jelqing as long as I have hands and a penis so it’ll come, and after a good hang I’m 8-8.25 which leads me to believe my penis size is actually 8.25 I just haven’t “harnessed” that length yet if you understand me. So I got 2 inches to go fore I can stop the hanging, and the faster the better..

I’m going to experiment this and tell you guys if it works, I’m seeing gains and manual stretches after hanging has definitely upped it, but this needs to be tested, but I’m pretty sure we need to have our dicks in a constant state of repair unfortunately, on the upside, constantly having our dick in a state of repair should actually make it longer faster,

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If you want to find your current max erection, use cialis or viagra. It will cause the smooth muscle to fully relax and show all the length you have currently. I’ m hearing its about 5% more length and girth than normally.

Originally Posted by djrobins
If you want to find your current max erection, use cialis or viagra. It will cause the smooth muscle to fully relax and show all the length you have currently. I’ m hearing it’s about 5% more length and girth than normally.

Or you can just swallow 5 grams of L-Arginine and wait about an hour and get an erection.

Hey does anybody hanging go through periods of shrinking, even though your hanging routine hasn’t changed? I was gaining and gaining and gaining, both in BPSFL and BPEL and then for the last few days, it seems I’ve actually lost some length.. I have been hanging with pretty heavy (for me) weight. 10 lbs. I mean it doesn’t hurt or anything, but after 3 20 min sessions, as I begin the 4th session, I can feel my ligaments very weak.

Hanging can give negative PI’s even when you are gaining. As its going to retract after a heavy hang session, although you have caused traction based growth which will show up later.

Thanks dj..

I was getting a little worried.. I’ve done so well, I just couldn’t believe it. In 34 days I’ve gained 1” BPEL and .75” EG (I realize much of this is because I’m 45 yrs old and am getting lost size).. And I know the gains are going to slow down at some point, but I wasn’t ready for REVERSE.. LOL.


PE producing negative gains. That would cause most of us to stop. Pretty funny. you’ve gained alot.

I think you have figured out when it is moving the way you want it, not to change anything.

Yeah two of the three lymphatic clots are gone or at least 95% reduced and I only have one more to go! It’s the biggest,longest one that goes past the base of my penis towards my body all the way (as far as I can feel) to the pelvic bone. That’s the last one… No more PHSYCO PE for me… I’m going to mellow it way down!

I’ve done a search, but can’t find opinions on this.

Most people say to hang EVERY day.
Other people say to do 2 weeks of intense PE
Then take a 1 week break.

I’m guessing this does not apply to hanging, correct?

Ok, been reading like crazy, and I see that both time off and no time off have supporters.

I think I’ll be safe and take time off.

Hey guys, I am getting a big white puffy blotch on my head when I hang. I also have white puff blotches on the top and sides of my shaft. How can I prevent this from happening? I must be doing something wrong. Please help!

With hanging, you can temporarily change angles if you’re getting too much fatigue and not healing (i.e. take an offday or two, or whatever you need to heal, then return to your current angle of attack). Some veterans say, you heal enough during your breaks—mostly i see moderators argue its not true. And most of the moderators saying its not true are not hardcore hangers—so I question that point of view. If you’re careful, and watch your indicators you should be ok…. but you most likely wont ever see anyone officially say it’s ‘ok’—my guess is someone may get the wrong idea & end up with an injury.

A lot of hangers agree you can hang every day—

It’s not like other PE I guess…

Originally Posted by Gapseal
Ok, been reading like crazy, and I see that both time off and no time off have supporters.
I think I’ll be safe and take time off.

The only problem with your theory is that if your wrong the consequence will be a plateau that may or may not be breakable. The problem lies in how the body heals during rest periods. I know there are some who profess that this isn’t true but there are plenty of guys right here @ Thunders that have had a very rough time over coming a plateau that could have been avoided. They have run up against a wall where they just cannot gain. In consistency is usually the cause. It’s tough to keep a steady routine given life.
Consider this: If during any prolonged rest period the body is attempting to repair and return it’s own tissues to their normal state then what happens can only be a strengthening and toughening of those tissues. Therefore then the only conclusion is to beat the healing cycles of the body and use their weakness to our advantage.

So when a vet tells you that hanging everyday is preferable that is usually the reason. They are beating the healing cycle of their body and gains are the reward.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights


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