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More proof that long periods of hanging may be beneficial?

What a great thread, this is the first time I read it, thanks for bumping it trigger.

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Now, I believe that it may be time for this thread to be bumped again. Yes, it is an oldie, but it is a goodie. With the recent discussions about extenders, ads’s, hanging, and also decondintioning breaks, I’ve been spurred on to search the internet for information about ligaments and permament elongation. Information that may benefit PE is hard to come by. Well, on my last Google search, this page here at thunders was the third result returned on the search.

I think that any members interested in PE theory should read what bib had to say on the first page of this thread.

Thanks for bumping this Kojack10. Somehow I never noticed this one. It has been a very informative read. I’m a big believer in hanging long hours and I think this reinforces that position.

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Yep… a must read thread…

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Yep this thread seems to really augment what the “Static Stretcthcing” ( Gerry’s and others )threads have been saying.


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Pumper for a while got to the square dick 7X7 , hanging now 7-2010

“With tendon and ligament, it is also important to distinguish eventual failure due to a sustained load (creep failure) from sustained cyclic loading and unloading (fatigue failure). Both are important biomaterial properties for tendon and ligament. As with bone, a smaller degree of microfailure may occur within the range of physiologic loading, suggesting that repeated stress may lead to declining strength or fatigue over time (32). There may be a range of damage depending upon the total deformation and extent of partial failure. Inflammation resulting from such damage is associated with tendonitis (32).”

1) a sustained load (creep failure)


2) sustained cyclic loading and unloading (fatigue failure)

Number one, normal hanging, while number two might be the swingers. Any swingers with ;-) tendonitis?

This is a really complicated topic, as someone with a background in engineering, I would say that hangers will definitely be experiencing fatigue (in the engineering sense and not necessarily the sense used on this board), and may or may not be experiencing creep, depending upon on the loading.


If you hang a hundred pounds and then-and-there your ligs totally fail (break or become detached), then you have exceeded their ultimate strength.

Creep refers to a phenomenon whereby your ligs move towards that same failure, but over a long, long time owing to a load well beneath the load that would cause failure almost immediately. Creep is the slow, continuous deformation, leading to failure, over a long period of time at a load substantially lower than that that would cause failure in the short term.

Fatigue is where a load is applied, then removed, then applied, then removed—you get the idea—and eventually the ligs “become fatigued” by the constant adjustment necessary.

Speaking now of non-biological systems that cannot repair themselves:
***Both phenomena lead eventually to total failure***

Hangers will definitely be experiencing fatigue because we do sets.

Hangers may be experiencing creep if the load—though not sufficient to cause total failure in the short term—is sufficient to cause continuous, slow deformation. I should think that the trick would be to cause creep but to know when to quit.. Before total failure.

Metallurgically speaking, most failures in the real world are owing to.. Fatigue.


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The most informed thread I have read so far defining Ligament, and tendon
stretch, but there is still one thing that has always puzzled me that I have
not found explained in any forum I have read so far.

That is the urethra duct.
It would seem that it has to be made up of the toughest kind of flesh in the human body, since it takes the full load when we swing heavy weights from it that the ligaments and tendons combined have to support, it being hollow
and thin.

The urethra tube appears to be very thin, and if it didn’t stretch easily along with the rest of the tendons and ligaments, wouldn’t it most likely break, or stretch so thin a hole would be torn in it?
Does anyone know the mechanics of it stretching and growing along with
the rest of the anatomy of the penis?

Thanks for all the wonderful information guys.

I just bought a male max stretching device, says in promo you can stretch for 8-10 hours? Is this advisable? Just started jelqing too. I am newbie so can you let me know if 1 day jelqing 2 lots of 30 minutes next day stretching 4 hours and so on for the foreseeable future is alright? P.s I am 6.5 inches at moment and would rather see gains in girth although a bit more length wouldn’t hurt !? Also it’s probably a often asked question but what routine gives quickest results ?

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Another thing to consider is that instead of healing, microtears can be repaired with fibroid.

Maybe the reason some old bodybuilders look funny is their muscle goes away but their fibroid does not. The more steroids they took, the more fibroid trash they built up while they were building their incredible hulk. Maybe they were more fibroid structure than muscle at their peak, now they’re just CELLULITE HULKS. Seen any cellulite penises?

Take steroids, then microtear the fibroid scar tissue, and what does that heal with? Probably more fibroid.

Some enzymes dissolve the fibroid.

Patience rules. I don’t think recovery time causes shrinkage. Maybe gains can be consolidated into el during recovery time by exercises, or the right dreams.

“stretching device, says in promo you can stretch for 8-10 hours? Is this advisable”

It’s probably one of those noose devices. Cutting off circulation with a noose is guaranteed to produce penis lynching effects. You might try searching here on “noose”.

Hi outhere I somehow think that using high powered protein that bodybuilders use, L-arginin and creatin additionaly, immediately after every serious workout (though you already could get it in some dosage from good protein blend) helps to get steadier gains and meatier better looking penis. To me it looks like things are going much better this way. Anybody tried the same? It is worth it so far I can see difference

Actually gentlemen, we want longer penises, but in fact merely stretching the ligament and allowing what we already have to hang out a little more doesn’t quite give us what we want. Traction has been used medically for decades to lengthen various parts of human anatomy. Several months under traction can cause bones to grow, evening out unequal leg length for example. In fact most body tissue will respond to load by lengthening. Indian Sadhu’s with eighteen inch penises grew their organs by hanging weights on them and sitting for weeks months even years over a hole in the ground for the organ to dangle down. I myself sit for hours daily with a half kilo (500 grammes or just over a pound in imperial units) load on my penis. While I take no notice of the length of the ligament I have noticed modest gains of about 2.5 cm in the length of my penis. I use a home made lasso that fits snugly behind my coronal circus with a hook for the lead weight. It’s much better than anything I have ever seen on this site, and the glans remains warm, in fact I can hang for hours without stopping. I have even rigged a simple pulley at the bottom of the bed so that a simple nylon cord with a hook sides up between the sheets and modestly stretches me all night. The results are growing! You don’t need any more than a half kilo on fact.. It’s the stimulus that counts not the colossal weights the guys here seem to be using.. That’s silly and dangerous. You could tear out your penis from your body and need considerable surgery to carry out repairs. Don’t be foolish guys!

Please share with us your device that is better than anything you’ve seen on this site. IMO, if you come here and make claims you should share with us how you made it, with what and the use of it. Let us make up our own minds if it is better ( collectively ) than anything found on this site. :D

Having said that, I agree with you that less weight and more time is the way to do it. It will take longer maybe for immediate gains but it is obvious to me that the negative PIs are greatly reduced. Fowfers are a low tension high time stretch as well ; and plenty of people here @ Thunders have gained from them.

TEN COMMANDMENTS The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments in a Courthouse? You cannot post "Thou Shalt Not Steal," "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery" and "Thou Shall Not Lie" in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians...It creates a hostile work environment.

Pumper for a while got to the square dick 7X7 , hanging now 7-2010

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I think GrowingPains ask’s a fair question. We don’t read here of a lot of guys coming away with catastophic damage from hanging heavy weights. Most progress up to more weight because they stop growing and so the next logical step is to increase weight and their progress returns.

So I’m confused by your statements.

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