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Fatigue question

Fatigue question

When you guys manage your fatigue, do you just keep it at a level that you can still hang through, or do you want it to be where you “have” to take off weights? A manageable dull pain sensation, or watching the clock pain?

When my dick feels ‘worked’ enough, that’s when I stop. Occasionally I’ll have a ‘push it’ session though, but not too often.

Yeah I just try to find the line between pain and fatigue, especially with lead PE weights.

I’m beginning to think that I’m fatigued when I enter into spontaneous kegeling. Eventually that stops, and I have to think to kegel, and when I do so, the “pulling pain” stops. I don’t want to continue too much after this because of the possibility that kegeling builds muscle strength that counters ligament stretching.And if I don’t kegel, “pain” sets in, making me want to stop.

Thanks all. I have just been wondering if I could let my fatigue go as is, so that I can last the whole set. Or if I should push it to where I have to, or almost have to lower the weights. When I do SO without a fulcrum,when the fatigue gets to be a little much, I can pull the hanger back on the chair some for a little relief until I reach fatigue at that position.

If the fatigue gets to be a little too much, that is the point to stop. Going beyond that on a regular basis will probably only build you ligs of steel.

I have (recently) seen my best results come from pushing it to where I have to lower the weight. Once I do this I keep hanging until I have to lower the weight again. I have been drop-setting three times within about a 20-24 minute set.

I have coupled this approach with BTC hanging vs. straight down, which was my usual MO.

The other thing I have noticed is that fatigue is not a single workout phenomenon. It is a state that seems to carry itself over into future workouts. Not sure what to make of this just yet but it is definitely the case for me.

I accidentally stumbled across the fatigue approach to hanging. I kind of wish I was more aware of this approach when I started.

May I ask, all of you that have responded, what are your stats?

I took this opportunity to measure my flaccid and then update my PE statistics which I hadn’t done in quite a while ( I thought I did
but because of a borrowed dial-up, it apparently didn’t take). Just click on the user-name and then click on PE statistics that appear in the drop-down menu.

I notice that some of the repliers haven’t entered their info. I found it useful to measure progress, and “cementing potential” because you never
seem to remember statistics correctly. (That’s why you use bone pressed measurements- not for ego for for correct statistics). I would suggest that if you are serious about PEing, then you enter the info. Helps you, and helps others.

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