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Hanging/ Uli integration question for Bib

Hanging/ Uli integration question for Bib etal


I want to ask a question and give a concrete example per integrating Hanging w/ Uli’s.

Assuming you have an optimal procedure per BTC max weight induced tissue fatigue scenario, how often would you recommend performing Uli’s with the Bib hanger without disrupting the rythm of BTC tissue fatigue scenario (forgive the technical nature of the wording it is my scientific background).

Concretely, you have established your current max weight that will produce tissue fatigue in x days using BTC, however if the Uli performed w/ Bib hanger is also introduced into the regimen (say after regular hanging and jelqing each day) how do you minimize any disrupting effects of the strenuous Uli’s. IOW what patterns did you find worked best for you per hanging and also performing Uli’s with the hanger so that one doesn’t disrupt the other. Appreciate your insights.


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I love this! Great topic.

First a disclaimer. I did almost all of my length work before I began Uli’s. Then, when I discovered the extreme Uli’s using the hanger or Uli thing, I was doing little except maintanence for length.

Having said that, I can tell you a few things that may help.

First, you must start very slow with the extreme Uli’s. Hopefully, you have done some manual Uli’s to begin. It is much like hanging where you have to start with lower weights and times and work your way up.

The lateral bonds are much the same as the longtitudenal bonds. You do not want to break through too many at any time. This would constitute an injury. You want controlled damage which can be healed within a reasonable time frame.

Fair warning: It is very easy to go too far with pressure and number of sets with the exUlis, before you know what has happened . The soreness which results will not only prohibit hanging for a time, but can also affect sex.

Since you have already established your max weight hanging, it will be obvious when the Ulis have affected your hanging. And it probably will at first. Say you hang in the morning for 3-4 sets, then in the evening you get carried away and perform Ulis a little to much. Then, the next day you attempt to hang your max weight in the morning and cannot do it. It may not be because of lig or tunica tissue fatigue, but rather soreness at the hanger attachment point because of soreness from the Ulis.

I think the best thing to do is concentrate on either length or girth for any one stretch of time. IOW, if you need length more than girth, then concentrate on length until you reach a total fatigue state. Then, you can do some girth work, overcoming lateral LFs while the other areas heal.

However, this healing may not take very long. It did not with me. I could hang heavily during the day to a state of total fatigue, and then, possibly that night hang my max weight. Usually I would ‘refatigue’ again very quickly, or possibly I could only approach my max weight. Others may take longer to recover.

The point is, do not let the girth work interfere with your length goal if length is the priority. Conversely, length stresses seldom affect girth exercises. It may be a little tender but you usually still can perform them.

If length is the first priority, then I would not recommend more than one or two sets on Ulis after the hanging session. IOW, no more than 20 minutes total at high pressure. High pressure being relative and somewhat unmeasurable.

What this means is, the first set you will work up to a pressure where you probably notice raised bumps on the head. This is approaching the marginal stretch. If heat is applied for the first five minutes, the bumps may disappear. Allow the engorgment to subside. Then the second set, you will probably not notice any bumps and the engorgment will be noticeably larger. This is beyond the marginal stretch and will have gone through some lateral LFs. If you want to hang without problems the next day, this is probably enough. In the beginning, these two sets may be too much.

Hope this helps. Love your questions and would appreciate your professional opinion on anything I write. While I have enjoyed great success with PE, I do not know a great deal, and I do not understand all I know. Much is strictly conjecture.




Thanks for your insights, makes good intuitive sense.


My experience

Just to piggyback on what has already been said, let me share my experience. I was hanging in the morning and then at night I would do two sets of uli thing. It did not bother me the next day hanging. I choose not to do the uli right after hanging cause generally it is pretty tired from all the sets.

Then what I would do it take one or two days and just do the uli. For instance I would hang Sun-Thurs. Then Thurs night I would do more than two sets and then on Friday I would do many sets of uli through the day and no hanging. Then Sat I would take off and Sun resume.



I appreciate your insights, I understand you have thoroughly studied and experienced PE. I look forward to your continuing thoughts.

Also, how many sets do you generally average in AM, and what would be the overall range; eg you may have a light day, average day, and a “shock” day. What would be the range from light to average, to shock. This is not to suggest that I take another persons routine and apply it indiscriminately; I appreciate and learn from (knowledgable) others to construct the appropriate dynamic model for my physiology. I am in the process of beginning the fine tuning, and developing an “optimum” rythm of workout intensity and the equally important rest periods.

Any other stream of consciousness thoughts you may have, please feel free to share them.


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Well as for the sets. I used to do about 5-6 sets in the A.M. However, for a while I was not doing them in the most optimum way. What I mean is that I used to hang one set down, BTC, left, right, strait, over the shoulder and then BTC again. I wanted to hit all the angles. However, after reading some of Bib’s posts and talking to him I discovered that I really should be focusing on one angle at a time. For instance BTC is the best and I would hang several sets in a row until fatigued and then one or two of the other angles.

I think when developing your strategy you need to realize that it can not be fixed. One should think about atacking an area until it is fatigued. This may take many sets or only a few on some days. After several days in a row it may fatigue quicker. What I think of fatigue is, only being about to do about half of your max and it really feeling tired and tingly or whatever that elusive “electric” feeling is. Maybe it does not always come, but you should now when the ligs cry “enough.” I believe I was stopping too early before and need to push it further.

So I would atack the BTC and then when fatigued decide what is best to do. You may want to hang other angles the next day or jelq and uli etc. Or you may want to rest and do a few sets at night. I go back to an earlier statement I made, that hanging is both an art and a science. There are principles and guidelines no doubt, but there is also a “knowing” if you will of your own body and what is best for it at any particular time.



The above is a truly great post.



Well thanks,

I just can’t wait to get at it. I still worry about it taking a while before returning. Things are progressing, but I am afraid that it still may be a while before I can hang. :(



Thank you for your observations.

From experiences we gain wisdom, greater appreciation and depth perception.



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Well I appreciate the thought. However, I have two thoughts on the subject. First of all, there is no way, no how, that I would even consider the possibility of even discussing me taking any testosterone. If that is what another man wants to do then that is his business, but there is absolutely no way possible I would take anything that messes with testosterone. Is that strong enough? My father and also my uncle on my moms side both have prostate cancer. Additionally my step father and others have it as well. It is very scary especially for me because I have a risk from both sides. Testosterone feeds the cancer. That is why they have to take Cancer shots to stop the testosterone. Additionally, my dad had to have his testicles removed to stop any and all testosterone production. Now I don’t know about it causing cancer but it was exacerbating the situation which they had. Plus it causes problems with your prostrate.

My second thought is that I have no confidence in a topically applied product. I realize that I could be wrong here but I don’t believe it works topically. The day I can find some product like Vasoderm that actually works is the day I will change my tune. I don’t even know if the MSM I am applying will work that way. They do make a cream so maybe it does.

So I don’t think it would work topically and besides that it is too dangerous for me. Maybe if I was much younger I would not worry about it. I would also have to pay to get a physician to prescribe it (which may be hard to find as well).

However, thanks for the thought, and I know you were talking short term but I wouldn’t do it.

I just believe that the body is set up to produce the correct testosterone and if a person goes throwing things out of balance then it is asking for problems.




I respect your position on T enhancement. I will add though that there is a great product that seems to help T production or whatever and it is a topical formula. It is called Androsol and it is made by Biotest. This stuff works!!! I have gained about 15 pounds of solid muscle on the stuff over the past 6-9 months. I am now around 210 solid pounds and that is pretty good at 6’ and in your mid-thirties.

I’m going to start spraying it on my dick and see if I can gain 15 pounds there too… LOL!



Pretty funny :)

Everyone has to make up their own mind about that stuff. I still don’t trust it. For me personally it is too risky to start messing with my natural balance. If I eat a great diet, plenty of water and rest, vitamins and minerals, and avoid the negative things then everything is fine. However, if a person starts messing with the t production the body does all kinds of things to attempt to bring it back into balance again. Since everything is working well in the nature department for me, (can get an erection without touching it anytime by flexing the PC and using my mind) I am not going to mess with it. I have to think about the whole cancer thing as well too.

But hey fill us in on the spraying it on your dick. I am surprized that you never tried that yet.


Not upset

for the sake of everyone let me respond to your message. I am not or never was upset in any by your suggestion. Not in the least. This medium is a funny thing because it is only words on a screen and not the total communication that we get in interpersonal communication such as vocal tone and body language. I just wanted everyone to know that if my response seemed strong it was not intended to relay any upset or offended meanings. I was just relating how I feel about the whole subject of Testosterone etc., and why I would not take it.



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