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Newbie Pumping Question

Newbie Pumping Question

I’ll post my question here since I haven’t really found the answer I’m looking for yet. I’m considering pumping however I had a question about it since I’m uncut. I have a tight frenulum which doesn’t always allow for full retraction. My question is can I pump with the foreskin in a forward position or would that cause some kind of problem? I only ask because I feel that as my glans gets pumped the frenulum would only get pulled more taut and would result in pain. This could easily be avoided if I pumped with the foreskin forward but I wanted to know if it would swell or cause other problems in that position. Thanks guys.

I wish I could help, but I have ZERO expertise at pumping or being uncut. I did find these threads after searching that may be what your looking for. It is a start until a real expert can help you out. Apologies.

Uncut pumpers?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I’m uncut and tried pumping with the foreskin forward, and found it was giving me the donut effect. Once I pulled the foreskin back that ceased. So the best advice I can give is, Foreskin back but leave enough to allow any stretching in the tube. Don’t have the tube too tight, and make sure you use a lubricant.

The final and

And if there is any swelliing after the stretching by the pump has subsided, stop until it goes down.

To explain that better, If there are any odd bumps and lumps stop until they go down.

Thanks guys. I read those threads you suggested before and none directly answered my concerns. They all recommend retracting your foreskin before inserting and I’m worried that I won’t be able to expand at all with my foreskin retracted since I have a tight frenulum.

Are you saying I should retract the foreskin slightly but not completely in order to prevent the donut effect but also allow for expansion?


Yes. That’s the way I do it, by pulling your foreskin back a say ¾ you allow a better union to be made between your pelvis and the base of the tube, and the ¼ left in will allow the foreskin to move up as your dick expands, rather than having it overstretched in the tube. But lubrication is a must. It also helps the flange or bottom of the tube to maintain the vacuum. Too much stretching of the foreskin will result in donuts

Hmmmm….perhaps I should give it a shot. I was looking at the LA Pump kit with the pump/tube/gauge/video. Does that have everything I’d need to get started? Also, what about wearing a ring after pumping?

Being in the UK I don’t know much about American pumps. Can I suggest you do a search on ‘pump’ or ‘LA pump’. There is a lot of information there on buying a pump and which are the best. I note in one thread ‘buying a pump’ that Avocet8 has one and is happy with it.

Which would be a good enough recommendation for me.

Don’t forget to buy the lubricant though!.

I don’t have a ring so cannot advise here but again looking down the pumpers forum - try a search for ring perhaps.

I would guess there are as many for as against. But bear in mind: The expansion that a pump can give might not be compatible to wearing a ring for long periods of time, as it could cause blood stagnation.

Can any regular pumper vets give any ideas?


Having looked at my posts, I should have mentioned that you must keep the vaccum very low at first.

It is too easy to let the vacuum rise as the feeling when you start to expand, is really out of this world, and is highly addictive.

So just a couple of hg at first until you can get some looseness in the frenulem. Then when it has expanded also you can try a little bit more. But you must be the judge of what vacuum you use. But keep your mind on that rather than the pleasure part

Hi I am uncut myself tried pumping the past and it seems to work better for me when my skin was rolled back. Besides in my case the natural pumping action of the pump trying to get suction rolled my skin back anyway

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