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Exellent new wrapping material I discovered guys!


Exellent new wrapping material I discovered guys!

(Thunder, I hope it’s okay to give such an endorsement on the site like this. It’s so cheap and so good that I’d be remiss not to pass it along to my buds. Let me know what you think. Especially if I’ve broken the rules of conduct, which I’ve read, but it was awhile ago.)

Hey guys, I discovered the best wrap yet. This is what I’ve been using with my Bib Hanger, in conjuction with an outer layer of cushy material like ace bandage or even a bit of sweat pant/sock material. I have used it just by itself and it works great, but I find it’s best with another outer layer for long hangs with heavy weights.

I was in a sports store awhile back and bought this grip device used for tennis racket handles just on a lark. It turns out to work really great! It has horizontal stretch, but virtually no vertical stretch. So it has amazing gripping capacity. It comes in a 7.5” inch length which you can cut to your needs. I could cut it in half, say leaving one 4” strip and one 3” strip, or even one 5” and one 2”. It ends up contracting on your penis shorter than you would think. (I have about 6” flaccid length, so I’m lucky:) I have been able to get further down on the base of my dick than ever before with this, so I’m excited and can hold my max weight of 40 lb. longer than ever.

Basically cut it to your desired length and then roll it up into a ring, then (especially when it’s brand new) stretch it way out and slip it over your penis, then unroll it wherever on your shaft you want. It is very tight at first, so I would recommend giving it a bunch of outward stretches when it’s rolled up in the ring, before you slip it on your penis. Don’t worry about ripping it, it’s amazingly resilient. It does wear out fairly soon (that another reason to use an outer wrap), but given the low price, I’m not too worried about that.

I would recommend having the rubberized side in towards the skin of your penis (what would be on the outside when you’re using it for a tennis racket handle cover) as the rubber grips the skin but doesn’t hurt it, but the jury’s still out on which side works better. The other side is more of a fabric/cloth, rougher to the skin. If I’m having trouble working it on because it’s so tight, I wet the rubbery side/skin of my penis with saliva when the sheath is still in its ring and before it’s unrolled, and thus it’s easier to work.

It’s called the “Tennis Whatagrip Thin Overgrip,” and it’s made by Unique Sports Products Inc. It was only $3.99 at City Sports on Boylston St. in Boston where I live. Their website is (made in Tawain). I haven’t checked out the website. I know the store where I bought carried it in two colors: black and grey.

Rock on!


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Wrapping is really a subject worth exploring to find something comfortable, grippy, predictable. I’ve tried some different methods and end up using the old silver Theraband wrapped outside of tight fit sleeves of stretchy bathing suite cloth. It works quite nicely for me, but I’m not hanging nearly 40 pounds and I can’t say if I’d be looking for something else if I did hang that heavy.

Have you tried and given up on Theraband — if so, how do you find it compares with your new tennis wrap?



Hey Ideal! Thanks for the quick response. I don’t know anything about Silver Theraband. Mine’s red and I got it in a huge roll from a medical supply store, so I have an unending supply. I use it a lot, mainly as a spring tensile-producing stretcher in some of my hanging set-ups … not to wrap so much persay, but sometimes I still do use it.

I suppose I could use it in conjunction with my new tennis grip wrap, as the over wrap, but the idea really is to get something cushier, and the Theraband is very similar to the tennis grip (though it is stretchy in ever direction, whereas the tennis grip is only stretchy horizontally). The Theraband is much thinner than the tennis grip, and you’d have to have several layers to approximate the thickness of the tennis grip.

The thing I don’t like about the Theraband is it’s too fussy … you need to tape it down, and also it bunches and leaves marks on the skin of my penis. Plus it slides down a lot when I hang with heavy weights. I’ve really mastered the Theraband wrap, following Big’s guidelines and all, so it’s not really a question of any misapplication on my part :)

I am a self-proclaimed “wrapping master,” and I really like this new handy gizmo. I have to be a master, as my skin is very “thin” and easy to chafe and bruise (chalk it up to the Irish blood). Oh my God, I wish I was more Italian to tell you the truth! (There’s an old family story that one of our English ancestors was once ravaged by a Roman Legionnaire in ancient, Roman-occupied Britain … chuckle … this is the cause of my second toe being longer than my big toe … plus maybe the size of my largish balls? And my Mother’s Roman nose?)

Happy St. Paddy’s Day everybody, btw!


I can’t wait to try it, Bill! I’ve been looking for a wrap that I can roll on, so I’ll be looking for it, today.

Originally Posted by billinwashdc
It does wear out fairly soon

How soon is fairly soon? Hopefully it won’t be as fast at less than half your hanging weight. :)

New Wrap

Hi Bill,

Does this wrap stick to the skin when on the penis?

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Bill, Are you hanging with a Bib? If the tennis wrap is quite thick, how is your circulation?

Theraband without underwrap is not my idea of fun. Did you really use it on naked skin while hanging?
I have no idea if the red is thinner than the silver; silver is what Bib sells, that’s what I got and that’s all I know. I’ve never tried tennis wrap; it did cross my mind at one time but I dismissed it as being too thick. If you say it’s the best you’ve tried, I think I’ll pick up a strip.
While I don’t have any wrapping problems right now, and I don’t plan on hanging really heavy weights, having a try won’t hurt I think. It could also prove itself as a traction wrap alternative; seeems like it would be good for that (although I’m using a very comfortable and easy to use neoprene/velcro thing I made for that purpose).

If I had a Guinness right now I’d know what to do with it. Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you!

Although I haven’t been able to try it I think you can’t get mucher better than the HTW except for a rubber version of it. Especially with a really tight attached hanger you can feel the texture of the wrap in your skin. I have been experimenting with a bicycle innertire. I like it but it’s a bit too tight for me. Not sure if I can get wider innertires, but I could also try pumping up the innertire first.

This what-a-grip looks really good too. Could you take some extra pictures of the wrap(s) you made?

Ah! That’s an ingenious idea, I’ve never thought of using those as a wrap. I have severe problems wrapping, which is the main reason I’m not really hanging right now. I doubt that I can get past 8 inches BPEL without hanging though.

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Originally Posted by Piet

Although I haven’t been able to try it I think you can’t get mucher better than the HTW except for a rubber version of it.

Do you mean you are using HTW but haven’t tried tennis wrap? Have you located the Scunci thing in Euroland?

I spend some time searching through the city for these seamless hairties but couldn’t find them. I haven’t looked for the tenniswrap yet.

Sorry I’ve not been on the site for awhile. And thanks for all the responses. Yes, I am using a Bib Hanger. (I have both large and small versions. I have had the worst problems of my hanging life with the Capt. Wrench myself. Though I think it’s great, the Bib is definitely far superior in distributing weight over area and reducing the number of pinching with heavy weights.)

Yes, when I use the Theraband, I use it directly against the skin. The problem for me is not only the bunching of the Theraband, but it leaves impressions from the folds in my skin. Then worse than that is the sliding, and how I couldn’t hang long periods with heavier amounts.

BTW, I have been using the seamless hair ties a lot lately. They’re great, not long lived at all, at least the ones I find. Very cheap. This tennis sleeve is not long-long lived itself. But $4 which should provide at least two sleeves is not bad.

I use the tennis sleeves with the sticky medical tape as an overlay. (I’m forgetting the name of it, that tape. Is that HMI? I’m sorry, I don’t know what that is yet. I’ll do a search later, but wanted to respond fastest.)

I would not call what I’m talking about “tennis grips,” rather “tennis sleeves,” to distinguish the concept of the very tight rubber-covered fabric tube which you slide over your tennis trip, versus some rubber tape or something that you wrap around and around.

I think it is a rather new product. It stretches horizontally but does not stretch vertically. For example, as you grip a tennis racket handle tightly and swing, you would not want any slippage of the tennis racket handle in your hand, so they’ve managed to make it with virtually no vertical play. (“Horizontal and vertical”: assuming you are balancing the racket on the base of its handle pointing straight up.)

Cut depending on what you think would be a good length. I think it’s about 9” total. Turn it inside out so the rubberized side is inward. Roll it back on itself in a ring. Make sure it is well stretched out before you put it on. You get the hang of popping it on and off after a few times. It helps to lubricate with water or saliva (not oil. Or just a tad of oil perhaps; joyjoba oil (oil-less oil which I got at Trader Joe’s) works very well. It does not stick to your skin really.

It rolls back on itself into a ring after you’ve unrolled it on your shaft, and can be hard to take off. That’s why really stretching and working it first helps. It is very tough, but you will see that it probably has a shelf life of 3 months or so before it wears itself out, or less if you hang a lot. It probably won't work for really thick dicks. Mine is about 6 ” around, and even 6.5+ at the base, and that’s about the limit I would say before it is too tight. Maybe 7” would still work with it.

I still think the rubber side inside/fabric outside is best for me. Let me know if anybody has success with this.

(BTW: it might be hard to find this in some venues. Boston can be a kind of high end town with a lot of tennis player/golfer types. And Boylston St. is a particularly high end part of town catering to such. We’ve been called “Massholes” before :) From my earlier post:

>>It’s called the “Tennis Whatagrip Thin Overgrip,” and it’s made by Unique Sports Products Inc.
>>It was only $3.99 at City Sports on Boylston St. in Boston where I live.
>>Their website is (made in Tawain). I haven’t checked out the website.
>>I know the store where I bought carried it in two colors: black and grey.



Another idea:

These things work GREAT with golf weights.

Let me know if anybody else has found these and your reaction to them.



Hey in their website there is only a “Tourna Grip”… it’s the same?


Meta: 22"X12"

do a "google": whatagrip

I did a search for the name of the product … a zillion sites came up selling it from 2.99 to 4.99.

Should be a cinch.

This should get me the wrapping award I’ve felt I’ve deserved for a long time :)

Cheers, hang safely.

Bill in Boston

PS I have the idea of trying to wear one golf weight 24/7 using a small strip of whatagrip. Be careful it can tear if you stretch it far. It definitely has a short shelf life, but if you’re careful you can conserve it well.

PPS To keep from jouncing too much in my pants I will use a thong under my boxer brief. By cinching the thong in the back, and wrapping its waist into the waist of my boxer briefs, it holds me in so there’s no jouncing visible. (See these are the kinds of brilliant ideas I have:) )


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