Volunteers needed - wrapping material

Sorry if this is not in right thread - if not, please move it to right forum.

I’ll need 2 volunteers that uses Bib or similar devices. I’ve developed a new wrapping material made of soft cushiony(sp?) and stick to skin material.

I don’t really use BIB (have one), but uses another device and found it very useful. I’m hoping that my material will be useful for others too.

Here is what I need to find out,

1) Does my wrapping material better than Theraband?
2) Is it more comfortable? -compared to the Theraband.
3) How is the thickness - should it be thicker, thinner?
4) Any other insight from this experience.

Only criteria for this is that you must not be allergic to Silicone.

Please send a private mail with your name and address.

Thanks for your help.