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Exellent new wrapping material I discovered guys!


also: this is probably not for thick dicked guys

I am 6.5 at the base and even for me it very tight around the shaft which is 6. I would think it perhaps not possible for guys who are 7”+ thick to really use this comfortably. Maybe yes depending on how it stretches out for you. It seems to become more comfortable after use. Then after several uses it begins to tear for me.

As I said before, the jury is still out. So I will wait patiently in the wings for my award…:)

I think indeed for 4-5” thick dicks it would be ideal. For shorter dicks you will be able to get several sleeves from one whatagrip which at 2.99 is a very good price. I have been paying 3.99, duh til I did the google search.

Cheers, B

(PS It’s a great sleave to jack off with:) )


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So it’s the Whatagrip you’ve been using, and not the Tournagrip, which showed up in the “Unique Products” link you posted? Just checking :)

How wide is it?


whatagrip is a 9" long thin sleeve

It is like a tube. it is not a wrap-around kind of thing. It is a new idea for tennis rackets, I guess. It reminds me of the thinnest kind of stretchy neoprene you can imagine. It’s like having your dick in a wetsuit.

It has a good lateral stretching capacity but virtually no vertical stretching capacity.

It is something that I personally can put the whole nine inch thing over my dick which is 7.5” long, because it shrinks in when you put it on and easily rolls in on itself.

The idea would be to cut in half about and use it with your Bib hanger. I would say maybe in thirds with the Little Bib hanger. For a golf weight you would only use a 2” strip maybe.

It curls up nicly on itself and makes a nice ridge for the golf weight to sit on and it won’t fall off. It helps that I have a big glans and lots of loose skin from so much hanging/pumping the past few years. But I have not found a good use for the golf weights I bought until now that I have found this new produce. So I am wayway happy.:)


PS putting the rubberized side inward because it’s tender-er on the skin. Also I use the sticky medical tape I’m perpetually forgetting the name of, as an overwrap. That’s when I’m able to hang 20-30 for long periods, even 40.:)


these are AWESOME with golf weights guys!

At least they are for me. It’s great how it can roll up against itself and then automatically anchor the golf weight from slipping further down the shaft. (I am always having trouble finding good wraps for my easy-to-chafe too-fair-and-thin-skinned dick:) )

I am going to try to post some pics of me wearing this wrap. I hope it is okay to post photos in this forum and also that I manage to get my jpegs up.

Plus make a coupla other comments re: Whatagrip.

The material seems to be inconsistent throughout the length/width of the wrap, i.e. some sections seem thicker, some thinner. It seems to me the thinner sections are more prone to tearing, so be careful in this regard when stretching the donut-ed, rolled-back-on-itself length that you have cut from the Whatagrip.

Ok, well, I guess I can’t post photos here persay. I will try to post in the correct forum and then make a link to them or something. Though this seems a bit forward and boastful of me. (**blush blush**)



Waiting anxiously in wings, tapping foot, pacing, stage right, stage left, stage right, stage left, pacing, staring, anxiously awaiting Hanger’s Wrapping Award of 2005. :)


pics of me with Bib Hanger & golf weights

This is a link to some pics of me with the whatagrip, nothing really too hugely spectacular. I hope I did it right and didn’t break any protocol. I am going to try to take some detailed photos of me in golf weights which might show it better.




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