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Does this sound like sore ligaments

Does this sound like sore ligaments

I started hanging about 2.5 weeks ago with a homemade captains wench and started hanging with 5 pounds, I used this weight for 10 days and have been hanging everyday since. I began doing 4x 20 minute sets and toward the end of the 10 days I was doing 6x20 minute sets. I always used a heating pad for warm up/cool down but I limited rest in between sets to 5 minutes, I think 10 minutes is too long and 5 minutes does me well. After the 10 days I bumped the weight up to 6 pounds and have been doing at least 4x20 minute sets per day and on days that I have had more time available I have been doing 6x20 minute sets.

I have been doing BTC on the edge of my bed with my thighs on a stool right next to it. My body is parallel to the floor and the weight is hanging at 90 degrees to my body. I do not feel much of a dull burn at the beginning of the set, the burn comes in about half way into the set and it doesn’t get too bad, it is an ok feeling, no pain and it comes from the base of the penis on the underside of it. However, once a set is up and I move my thighs off from the stool and put my feet on the ground I feel a pulling sensation inside my pelvis, it feels like it is also in my testicles. Then once I take off the wench and stand up I feel it again, it does not last long only for a fraction of a second. It is hard to describe, it does not feel painful, but the pulling feeling makes it seem like it is, even though it’s not. If I am standing and I manually pull my penis straight down I get the same feeling in the same places.

Does this sound like sore ligaments? When I hang BTC I have my penis splitting both testicles and I always make sure that the penis is aligned straight.

The ligs are on the top side of the base of the shaft, right where it connects to the pubic bone. So that dull burn you are feeling during the set is probably the ligaments. The combination of testicular pain and pelvic pain is something else, and it could be a lot of different things. I get it too, and in my case I am pretty sure it is some aggravated tissue around the left spermatic cord. It comes and goes for me, and I have to be careful not to overdo my PE or it will get inflamed.

Other things it could potentially be: a varicocele, a hernia, epidydimitis, an infection, a kidney stone. Honestly though, those are unlikely worse case scenarios. More likely it is some minor inflammation from the routine, and you should monitor it, and incorporate more rest if it gets worse.

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I think its mostly the tissues becoming used to hanging.

You are doing a lot of volume and the extra load disrupts deeply into the groin, abdomen and pelvis as things adjust to the strain.

Sometimes I feel a tugging behind my balls when I use a 2” diameter fulcrum and it feels quite odd at first.

Beware of the sharp pain and swelling. That could be am indication of other issues than ligament soreness.

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