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cortisone injection into ligaments

cortisone injection into ligaments

Has anyone heard of getting cortisone injected into the ligaments to ‘weaken’ the tissue and thus alllow it to stretch easier? I have read where people who have not had good results with penis lengthening surgery because of scarring,(actually got smaller), have gone to the doctor to get cortisone injections into the ligaments to remove the scar tissue and allows the ligaments to stretch easier when combined with traction. Any thoughts?

Sounds risky with the penis although it works wonders with the knees.


I have had 6 injections of cortisone…it worked like a charm! it softened the whole area up. the needle is big and its quite painful. good luck.


Antonio - crotch or knee? Were they self administered?



administered in the area above the shaft. not self administered, have this done by a dr. !!!!

good luck


Not that I’m thinking about having a needle stuck anywhere near my dick, but how long do the effects of the injections last?

Antonio, what were your routine and gains before and after the cortisone? IOW, how effective was it?


Antonio, SSSSHHHHHEEEEEEEEEIITTTTTT. A shot in the crotch? Ha! My azz. Details man. Details. Don’t leave us “hanging”. With only three posts to your name you need to give more info than that.


I’ve had cortisone and other injections in my lower back and the in the sympathetic nerve trunk going into my legs and if getting into your lig. is anything like that…….OUCH!
If they can’t find the nerve/lig whatever they have to fish around for it with the needle and that can be No Fun whatsoever.

Why would you want to have that done anyway?

Whatever the reason, good luck!

ANTONIO - cortisone shots to loosen ligs

Hi Antonio -

Could you give us some more details about the cortisone shots? Over what period of time? How much time in between? How much cortisione per shot? Any aftereffects? Thanks for the info - I’ve heard of this before from several guys and it is a little intriguing but scary too …

To all

You need to be careful with steroids, as after a period of frequent injections the ligaments can actually get so brittle that they will snap off their attatchment points. Just some food for thought :)

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Cortisone Details....

To All,

Okay, this is why I got 6 cortisone shots in the pubic area: I had P.E surgery 6 years ago and was butchered by Dr. Sheldon Burman of Chicago. I then found a terrific Dr. in California (Dr. Rheinschild) who did corrective surgery on me twice, to fix Burmans horrific work. All this extra surgery caused a lot of scar tissue to build up in the area right above the shaft (where I was cut) it was like rock!! So then by advice of Dr. Rheinschild, I had the cortisone treatments to soften up the area. I had 1 shot every month for 6 months……oh the pain…but very effective…and the results are still good..its been 4 years. It has been a long and horrible road and i have come a lon,long way. I thought I had a good surgeon but all he cared about was getting paid.

I am making improvements with P.E, but as you all know that takes time and effort. I am happy that I look normal again, thanks to Dr. Rheinschild.

thats the story guys…..


Question re cortisone injections

Hey Antonio -

I had the lengthening surgery done by Rheinschild twice but it didn’t really produce much results. An associate of his suggested cortisone shots but Rheinshild seemed against it. Did you have any difficulty getting him to give you the cortisone shots?



It sounds like he had the shots to treat the hard scar tissue, not to aid in PE. Even if you have surgery, you need to do a lot of stretching to make real gains.

One thing is to get Cortisone administered by a doctor due to a justifiable medical condition, Antonio’s case. A quite different thing is to have the shots to “aid” in a PE program, when there is no medical indication.

Corticosteroids are powerful hormones with several and sometimes very dangerous side effects. They’re mainly prescribed as anti-inflamatory drugs. Softening of connective tissue is a systemic side effect, even if a local shot is given. When injected with Cortisone all connective tissue in the body is affected. This means that tendons and joints become prone to injury. Individuals that practice sports (other than PE:D ), bodybuilders, athletes in general, should be especially careful about this hormone.

I’ve had Cortisone shots several times in my life due to Asthma and spine injury. I would never have a Cortisone injection if I don’t strictly need it.

Heres an explanation as to the treatment possibilites regarding injections to treat scar tissue. By Dr Whitehead, phalloplasty surgeon.

Sometimes revision surgery or injection treatment for
a hypertrophic scar or cutaneous or deep contracture
is necessary. Scar revision surgery is possible and in
many cases will produce a satisfactory result without
compromise of the penile lengthening that has already
been performed. For those patients who wish scar or
deep contracture correction without surgery, various
softening treatments are available using
steroids or other medications combined with a pain
medication given by injection into the lesion for
several months combined with physiotherapy using a
gentle pulling motion of the head of the penis and/or
penile weights during the period that the injections
are given. My favorite regimen for softening such
lesions uses Verapamil and Lidocaine weekly for three
months, starting approximately six to eight weeks
after the surgery, or as soon as such a problem is
noted. Some physicians use a powder of Vitamin E (400 IU,
three or four times a day) to prevent these problems;
and some physicians inject medication into the
surgical site in the hope of preventing deep

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