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Cold head question

Cold head question

Why is it that when I hang for 20 mins only the tip of my glans turns purple ? This happened on both the homemade bib and the captains wench after resting the head goes back to normal and I can hang again. Any help?

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Always happens to me, I never think anything of it. Glans turn purple, and head is always cold. Oh well, no pain or anything like that.

Same here Mr6 - using the Wench and the production model Bib. It doesn’t always happen - maybe 70% of the time at low angles - but when it does it never lasts more than a minute after a set. It sometimes seems as if fluid buildup has made its way to the lowest point on my unit, welled up under the skin of the glans tip and become discolored. Other times it simply resembles poor circulation.
It seems to be a rather innocuous side effect of hanging. Still, it’s another good argument for keeping sets to under 20 minutes if you ask me.


What is longest period that is safe for circulation to be cut off? Just wondering if there is some scientific length of time?


For total circulation shutdown, 17 minutes.


Thanks Bib… :)


Happens to me too, Mr6, and I’ve been hanging for about 15 months. I do 3 sets @ 20 minutes each, resting 10 minutes inbetween. I start with 15 lbs for 2 sets and then 20 for the last - sometimes I split that @ 20 lbs for 10 minutes and 10 lbs for 10 minutes. My Hanging mentor says I could be wrapping too loosly or too tightly and that I might also not have the hanger tight enough, altho the “teeth” of my Bib Starter are always touching or are actually “meshed.” Inbetween sets, I squeeze the blood out of the head, whack my little pecker on my leg and everything goes back to normal. I always feel my head during hanging, if I detect numbness, I remove the hanger and get the circulation going. I think it’s all a matter of experimenting and listening to your pecker.


I haven’t hung for a while but, I always had the discoloration problem as well. No serious side effects to date but, it always made me nervous. I settled into 15 min sets for a while to be careful. I’ve always been a little jealous of the guys who could maintain a pink head while hanging.

Isn’t the purple colour from trapped unoxygenated blood?

I get the cold and dark purple/blue head after just a few minutes of using my JES or hanging with my homemade rig (which blows :-\). I have a question. Has anyone ever tried using the shower cap attachment but with an ADS like JES, penimaster, andro, etc.. ? My circulation is bad, let alone with my dick in a rubber noose.

Thanks to any reply. Have a good weekend fella’s :-)

I’m don’t know where this kind of post should go, but I have to say this is by FAR the most informative and most cordial message board I have ever seen. Everyone here deserves thanks, and an extra to thunder for the guidlines on civility. It seems that each question I have has already been answered in depth. Thanks again everyone.

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