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A question for those with head issues

A question for those with head issues

I was reading a thread a while back about people who were having specific issues with head size. Bacially, the problem was that the head could somtimes get large, but most of the time it would not have enough bloodflow
to achieve it’s full size.

I have this problem to a slight degree: I need to squeeze or be very stimulated in order to have a full sized head. There were others who had this problem to a much greater degree.

Anyway, my question is this: When you were young, did you masturbate face-down? (ie. by thrusting into a matress or something like that) It seems as if doing this would put a lot of stress on that bottom blood vessel, possible reducing it’s size. I think the one I’m referring to is the CC.

I did it face down for a few years before switching/stopping, and I have a suspicion that it might be why I have trouble with my head sometimes.

This page has some info on what I’m talking about, as well as a lot of silly charts and graphs.

That’s horribly scary. I must have done that a few times when I was about 10, 11 or somewhere round there. I didn’t do it very much, I can only remember about 5 times maybe.

How many times would you need to do it to cause damage? When I did it, it was just while I was falling asleep I noticed that with pressure on both sides of my dick I could use my foreskin to help things along, there was no undue pressure that I can think of. It was comfortable!

I don’t have TMS because ever since that one time period very early on I’ve not had to use a bed, lol, and I’ve been perfectly normal.

I have been suffering from head issues but then at 13 I was having rock hard 11 ‘o clock erections and only recently when I’ve been obsessing about size have I had any problems really.

I would be very interested in seeing some more information on this though.

No, I never thrust into a mattress, but my sex life started when I was 12 and those girls were about as tight as mattresses. I do know that my head was alot bigger back then though.

But there is something I’ve been considering lately that might be related to this problem.
Do you suffer from poor circulation? Not just to your genitals, but to other parts of your body.

I mean, are your hands/feet sometimes unusually cold or anything like that?

If so, do you have temperature fluctuations in your body? Like somedays, you’re really cold and other days you’re really warm?
I might be in the minority here, but that happens to me and I’ve noticed that on the times I’m cold, the head is pretty small and the shaft is really thick, but on days that I’m really hot inside my head is as puffed up and full/hard and mushroom-y as it’s capable of and it looks and feels really good.
It’s very symmetrical with the rest of my cock. Add on some intense Uli-style grips and my head can get close to a 6” girth.

So that’s my issue with my own head, I don’t know if you have poor circulation (that you know of) or not, but it might be worth checking into.
If you don’t, then I’m sure someone else can chime in and offer up some suggestions/advice.
I think that not only are Uli-type exercises, grips, etc. potentially good for increasing head size, but using herbs or vitamins to increase overall blood flow (specifically to that area) could be beneficial for growth naturally.
I don’t think the glans is supposed to be smaller than the shaft. Usually when anyone posts about it here, they always say that they can get their head to full size by forcing blood into the head by doing hard kegels or hard Uli squeezes or something. I wish there was an equal amount of interesting and innovative ways in fixing this specific problem as there is in finding new ways to hang or gain length. Maybe one day.
I wonder if there’s anything mentioned about curing this problem naturally (involving poor circulation and improving or increasing overall blood flow to the entire body and specifically the genitals) in any Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda books. There probably is.

To quote the above link:

Does TMS cause physical damage in addition to these psychological problems?

Possibly. The penis wasn’t designed for such brutal contact. But most males can become normal by merely “unlearning” TMS behavior, which suggests that the physical damage is minor or even non-existent.

While I can last long in bed I think it is through mental practice. When I was first with my girlfriend sex would last about 3 minutes because I was new to it, and especially new to sex without protection (which should only be undertaken when both parties are known to be without disease and should be aware of the efficiency of other contraceptives) but now can last a very long time if need be. The longest I have ever bothered with was 3 hours though.

So on that note I don’t think I’ve ever had TMS. Me using a bed in the way I described above doesn’t place much different pressures on the penis than normal masturbation really.

It does bother me how things in that document are true for me such as (not an exhaustive list):

1) I am sometimes unable to orgasm through fellatio. I certainly can, but when I’m in the mindset to last as long as possible it becomes difficult.
2) Never met a girl who could give a decent handjob so the statement on manual stimulation is true pending further research ;)
3) I do employ the missionary position quite a bit these days but that is because it’s easier when I’m stressed about poor erections (which makes it worse) and also because at certain angles I can get to my gf’s cds. I do like other positions, and in fact the best one for me is doggy style.

I don’t have TMS. However I have slept on my front (on one side more than the other) and so perhaps this could cause very slight symptoms. I sleep on my back these days.

Does anyone think they actually have TMS?

While Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy is a real journal and Dr. Sank is a real clinical psychologist and author, it appears that the above mentioned web site about Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome is the only place on the entire Internet where this “problem” is discussed. I did an extensive search of the Internet and the medical literature and could find no other articles or web sites about it. Dr. Sank’s article may have been pubished to stimulate professional discussion, but I can’t find where anyone has taken up the task. (Note that his piece was published in the Jan-Mar 1998 edition of the Journal which probably was available in April. I don’t know if this journal would actually publish an April Fool’s joke, but I’d consider it.)

The TMS web pages looks to me like another where one man has created a site to promote his agenda without real research or facts other than those he himself has created. I wouldn’t give much credence to this “syndrome” or the only web site on the Internet devoted to it.

I know the site is a little questionable, but it’s really the only information I could find on it. Some of the stuff there is of some use.

As to circulation, I actually have kind of crappy circulation sometimes. I’ll often end up with bloated hands when in a hot room, or with purple-ish feet if I’ve been sitting for a while.

Please Break Them In For Me

Back to your question Thorne. Secretfire is right. I’ve had some pussys that you could hardly put a pinky into.

Infact, I had one lady that flexed so hard when I came and it almost blew my left nut off. Stopped me completely from cumming. Hurt like hell.

Some of the women I meet are easy to penetrate. Some are hard.

Your dick will get used to whatever you put it through. PE does help. Just like a linebacker. Ready for the real tough stuff.

Young or old. Doesn’t matter. I’ve had 50 year olds bark like a cut Comanche when I broke through and I’ve had 19 year olds just take it like nothing ever happened.

Yea, I’ve been fucking for the last 37 years and in my experiences you can’t tell the pussy by the body. Short or tall.

Fire shall reign from above as shards of heated shrapnel hurl savage kisses to mortal flesh and shattered bone below.

For days, the dead hung in the air as dust.

Is it a possibility that masturbating the upper part of the shaft only at an early age and continuing on like that later in life instead of a full-length stroke could have something do with a smaller head and a thicker base?

Do most guys that have thicker bases have smaller glans?

Thorne, My base is much thicker and my gland never seems to fill 100%, after jelqing it seems to fill up pretty good but still not at 100% unless I hold it with a Uli grip. Otherwise my gland is a 1/2 inch smaller than my base and not filled at all. I will have to do more research to explain it but I can actually feel where the bone like erection stops in the gland and the rest of the gland is very soft, the bone like erection comes to a pointy stop in the middle of the gland and only fills 50% of the gland, almost as if there is tissue missing that would be able to fill up the entire gland, I feel like the pointy stop maybe should have been extended/widened to the entire gland but was not for some reason. This does not sound like the average persons member? Also my circulation is very poor. I never actually started masturbating until I was about 17, I was already having plenty sex by then. I too wish there was more information on glans as I would look a lot bigger if at least my gland were normal size. I wish there were more anatomy info/pictures on the penis in general when erect as I would be able to figure if the pointy bone like erection that stops in the middle of the gland and leaves the rest of the gland softer is normal? If you have any information that would be great.

Head Size and cock ring

My head is biggest when I wear a good snug cock ring. Flares right out with corona riding high. Try it. MXL

MagnumXL, Thanks I’m going to try one. I’m also going to try the wrist wrap as well. While going through the member pictures, first time because I was scared my unit was so different than everyone else and I would spiral into depression, I noticed all different gland shapes and sizes some smaller than the shaft and some bigger. It made me feel a tiny bit better although there’s no way to tell what the engorgement of their erect gland actually is.


Anyway, my question is this: When you were young, did you masturbate face-down? (ie. by thrusting into a matress or something like that) It seems as if doing this would put a lot of stress on that bottom blood vessel, possible reducing it’s size. I think the one I’m referring to is the CC.

This is so scary. I have always had problems with my head getting engorged with blood, I have even had numerous people comment on this condition. That my shaft is big and thick and my head doesn’t match my shaft.

Anyway, when I was younger I did thrust 2 pillows or the matress, and things like that. This really freaks me out. What do we do at this point?

WBH, at this point after finding out about jelqing I will probably do some moderate jelq before having sex to fill my gland. I’m hoping that doing Ulis will correct it somehow. Only time will tell.

I have the same problem… rock hard erections… but lack of head size… unless i jelq blood into in.. but it doesn stay to long.

With people talking about humoing their beds when younger.. I’v never done that, but i usually sleep on my side or front and just lie on my night time erection (flat against my stomach) which i now think is the problem :(

My fear is that it is an underwear issue…when getting night wood, the penis is retrained by the underwear—it is like a constant pressure forcing some of the blood out of the head, and possibly causing a constant tension on the penis in the direction of forcing it back into the body. Why wouldn’t years of this “teach ” the head to remain half inflated? Boxers have helped, naked would be better.

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