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Been jelqing 2 weeks occasional cold head is this normal?

Been jelqing 2 weeks occasional cold head is this normal?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been jelqing about 2 weeks and ocassionally the head of my dick feels cold and it does look like it’s a bit of a darker blue purple color but not extremely so. Is this normal or anything to worry about?

The first week I was jelqing daily approx.10-15 minutes(about 500 strokes) but read here and elsewhere it might not be such a good idea for one starting out so have been doing 200-300 strokes every other day the past week planning to increase slowly. Thanks

My penis also becomes like purple after jelqing. However that goes away after a while. I do jelq 15 minutes. I also have the sore feeling in my penis constantly.

I don’t know why do you have a cold feeling in the head, because there is so much blood coming to the head that it should feel warm. My penis head feels cold after the stretching session, as I grab behind the glands and the blood doesn’t run through the head that much.


It sounds to me like you may be jelqing with too much intensity in your squeezes, especially if you’re jelqing at a higher erection rate. Try easing up on your jelq grip and see what happens. Also, you need to build up your jelq reps gradually, allowing your dick to acclimate to the new stresses you are placing on it. Your dick should not be feeling cold, and you should not be having a constant sore or painful feeling. Slow, steady and then gradually building in reps and intensity is the way to go. Experiment with your jelqing technique more (i.e. vary your grip, squeeze intensity, etc.). You have a lot of time to grow a bigger dick.



One more thing. To reestablish better blood circulation to your dick after jelqing, just grab your dick with one hand and do some slapping motions with it against your thigh. It may sound silly, but it really works for getting the blood flowing again and removing the “cold” glans syndrome.

So one day after a PE session, if my dick feels a bit of soreness, is it a bad thing? I never feel coldness after my PE sessions. On the contrary, my thing is almost always warm due to PE. Yet as I said I have a sore feeling in my thing, not pain.

I thought the soreness would be the sign of the PE working effectively. Moreover I have been gaining some nice girths in the first 3 weeks. I gained like 0.25 inches. I have started with the newbie routine, and added the Horse squeeze and BTC stretch, because I was gaining more girth at the head and having a baseball bat.

I read very carefully before I started and as you suggested I am doing all the funny things after my sessions. After stretching, I slap my thing, turn it around as if it is a rope, and after jelqing I slap it on my palm several times. I think this is really helpful.

One more thing, after my PE sessions, I use baby powder on my thing to reduce friction when I wear my underwear and go to work. Is this a good idea or not? The baby powder says that it makes the skin softer and dry, reduces friction.

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