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Question About head engorgement.....

Question About head engorgement.....

I have one of the heads that doesn’t seem to want to engorge with blood, even when I’m erect. if I squeeze at the base of my shaft or kegal, it will swell. but as soon as I let go it goes down. does anyone else have this kind of problem? & does anyone know how to increase blood supply to the head? I read somewhere that blood to the head of the penis is supplied through a different section of the penis than blood to the tunica.

I’ve tried behind the balls jelking. but it doesn’t work. I would prefer a non drug way to do this. But if I have to go another method….I would do it. iono.. maybe vacillators (sp?)

average - During an erection the head is supplied by blood via the Corpora Spongiosum chamber. Although it is a separate chamber, it is only really visible when erect. It runs from the base to the head on the underside of the penis.
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