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Captains wench questions

Captains wench questions

I have a few questions. I have decided to take up hanging after doing PE exercises for 8 months with very very very minimal gains. So I put together a captains wench but I notice when I begin to hang with it the end of my penis becomes cold and dark red and sometimes it feels like the wench is about to fall off.It also feels like it is pulling more skin then the ligs. If anyone could help me or explain to me how I fix these problems I would appreciate it.

I don’t have those problems I can only say to adjust the clamp and make sure you take everything off and massage the blood flow after 15-20 minutes

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I don’t know whats to do because no manual exercises have helped me gain anything and I don’t have the money to buy bibs hanger so I was relying on the captains wench but am having no luck at all

The Wench is a terrific hanger. IMO there’s no reason to go out and spend a lot of money—especially when you’re first starting out.

The first questions I have are whether you’re wrapping correctly and where you’re attaching the hanger.

I think you can find some helpful answers here.

Also, I would definitely recommend you try the Wenchette with a Turn-Key clamp instead of a cable clamp.

From your description, it sounds like you may be attaching the hanger too close to your glans. Also, are you circumcised or not?

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Thanks modestoMan but, I am not just starting out. I have actually been PEing for about 8 months now with small gains if any at all. I have only been doing manual exercises jelqing and stretching, but have done them at least 4-5 times a week expecting some gains. I haven’t gotten any gains (becoming extremely frustrated) so I resorted to hanging now.

BUt you are new to hanging, right? And with only 10 posts I gather you may not have obtained all the help from us that you might have.

Step 1: Take a breath. Frustration is normal (I have it too), but it won’t get you gains. Patience and persistance may.

Attack your issues one by one. Now, answer my question above: Are you circumcised or not?

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Yes I am circumcised

So when hanging, if any part of your head or part of your penis hanging out of the end is cold, this is extremely bad?

Yes Chemicon,cold is bad.It usually means your not getting enough blood to your buddy.It takes some experimentation to get your wrap right,and your clamp tension right,but when it comes together it feels kinda good actually.Try loosening your clamp a bit and hang for ten minutes or so instead of twenty.When I first started,that was all I could stand at a time,but as my wrap got better and my clamping became more consistent,I now hang usually 2 to 2.5 hours of twenty minute sets.Anytime I feel discomfort or numbness I end the set,and re-wrap then start again.

Any kind of pain or numbness is bad. You should end your set at once if any of these occur. Coldness is generally considered a danger sign, but I find it is not a major concern as long as the skin color is good (pinkish, not blue) and the coldness is not accompanies by any numbness.

Numbness is definitely the biggest danger. It means either the nerve has been squeezed or the circulation so compromised that nerve transmission cannot occur. Both are bad.

I have found that the biggest cause of numbness is a twisted hanger. The hanger should contact the sides of the penis, not the top or bottom. Most of the times I’ve gone numb, I’ve discovered that my hanger had shifted and is applying pressure to the dorsal nerve.

The only time I would tend to “ride out” pain is when stretching skin when first beginning a hanging routine. The pain feels like an “indian burn” (no offense intended). Other types of pain are verbotten.

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Is it wrong if my Captn’s Wench touches my entire penis and not just the sides?, the cable clamp makes it touch all sides…

What are you using for grippers, gs?

Originally Posted by gnomesoldier

Is it wrong if my Captn’s Wench touches my entire penis and not just the sides?, the cable clamp makes it touch all sides…

“Touching” the entire circumference is OK. “Gripping” the entire circumference is not. When using a Cable Clamp, make sure it’s oriented so that, when tightened, the shorter diameter (of the oval) passes through the grippers.

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