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My perfect 1 incher?


My perfect 1 incher?

or, “Experimenting with a One-Inch Wench”

Manual stretching gives an excellent workout. I’ve often thought that manual stretching would be superior to hanging, but for the fact that the grip tends to give out after a minute or so. No hanger that I have used has gripped the tunica nearly as securely as my thumb and forefinger. They all seem to gather too much skin, and end up excessively pulling the skin when engaged.

For me, the best place to grip is about midway between the glans and circ. scar. The skin seems to be very tightly adhered to the tunica in this area. A good grip on the skin gives a good grip on the tunica. With thumb and forefinger tightly encircling this area, I can grip the “inner penis” while still managing to maintain loose skin north of my circ scar.

Gripping in this area also provides great flexibility. Almost any imaginable stretch can be done. Also, because the contact point is so close to the glans, a very large percentage of the overall shaft is stretched.

If only I could find a hanger that did this for me …

… which brings me to the title of this thread. I recently tried something that might just work out. It’s a modified Captn’s Wench. The modification is quite simple. Starting with Cappy’s original description of the Wench, reduce all width dimensions from two inches to one inch. Apply the completed mini-Wench about 1/2-inch below the glans. Wrap tightly and apply the cable clamp.

I tried this briefly earlier today, and was very pleasantly surprised with its effectiveness. It’s the closest thing to my fingers that I’ve felt yet. I don’t have enough miles on the mini-Wench to give a proper review, but I’m encouraged enough to post now.

Try it out if you like. It took me only about 15 minutes to make one.

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Ah yes, the Wenchette.

Keep us posted.

Sounds good MM, but way too technical for me :morose:

:-k I really must look at Cappy’s Wench one of these days (not his personal one of course), his thread I mean, I intended to do this lots of times, but something else interesting comes along, like this new thread for instance.

So I’m still none the wiser :gulp:

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I’m just coming up to speed on Wenches, myself. Cappy’s genius really shines through. I like to think of the Wench as an extra layer of skin with a handle.

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Thanks, TPS.

Iyankum apparently had good luck replacing the pads on the wench with wooden “clothespins.”

I’m actually hanging right now with the Wenchette. I’m using just a small bit of sweatshirt material as a wrap. It’s working fine, so far. No discomfort and a very strong tunica pull.

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Is Cappy even still around? Haven’t seen him in a while…

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Don’t know. He may be out searching for new booty on the open seas.

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Originally Posted by Alrdybig
Is Cappy even still around? Haven’t seen him in a while…

Cappy is on sabatical right now. He will be back again soon. To be continued…

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Last night I did some quick stretching with the Winchette: 15 minutes up and to the left; 15 minutes up and to the right; and 15 minutes straight up—all with a bungee cord hooked to my bedframe.

This morning, I actually feel some soreness in my tunica! The soreness is all along the dorsal surface, what some of us refer to as the “septum.” This is good soreness and a very welcome feeling. I’m looking forward to my next workout.

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For those of you interested in Modestoman’s mini Wench I have 3/4” One-Wrap Velcro in stock, or you could buy 2” One-Wrap and cut it in half. Either way the One-Wrap makes for a much thinner Wench which means easier to clamp and more flexable.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

Update: So far, so good. I’m still enjoying my “Winchette.” I changed the wrap from cotton to Theraband because I was getting some soreness on the dorsal side of my unit, where the velcro cylinder buckles when the clamp is applied. The velcro digs in and starts to hurt after a while.

Theraband seems to provide more protection than cotton, although it is important to wrap over the corona. Otherwise, the edge of the Theraband digs in (again, this hurts). I tried this arrangement this morning hanging OTS with 10# or so (not sure exactly, since I’m using a bungee cord). It was extremely comfortable.

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Please keep us updated on the type of results you are starting to see at this point with your new experimental wrench although they may be temporary at this early stage.


Don’t judge a hanger by the results it gives one guy. I previously hanged with the Bib Hanger for several months with no results, and that’s generally regarded as an excellent device.

The job of a hanger is to grip the penis firmly and comfortably so that the ligaments and tunica can be stretched through applications over long periods of time. Whether one gains is more of an individual thing, which depends primarily on routine, anatomy, and the biochemistry of one’s connective tissue. The hanger itself comes into play in a negative way—if it can’t hold enough weight, is too uncomfortable, or is insufficiently stealthy when its wearer needs it to be.

I think that the Wenchette is an especially good device. It is exceedingly stealthy, can be worn under clothes, is comfortable, gives one hell of a grip, and, because of its small width, subjects the majority of the shaft to the applied stress.

These are the criteria by which to judge a hanger. In the hands (or, on the dick) of someone with a good routine and good potential for gains, great progress can be made.

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A quick update. I still love this thing. I’m wrapping with about 8” of Theraband. I place the leading edge of the wrap about even with my circ scar, and apply the Wenchette about 1/4” below that. I use a Turn-Key clamp instead of a cable clamp, which I find easier to apply and more comfortable.

The combination of wrap and tightness of the hanger causes my glans to swell when the weight is applied. Then the hanger then grips very tightly indeed. This thing really hangs on. No discomfort or numbness. Try it if you haven’t already.

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