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Bib starter vs regular Bib


I have the hardcore and it works pretty well. Because of my girth, I do get some “squishing” on top and bottom that pinches a little. I can hang up to thirty pounds for a whole session. I have been at it a long time and nothing seems to beat the “hardcore” for hardcore hanging.

Thanks for the reply Deer Hunter. Thats what I was looking for. Your a little thicker than me, so I should be able to use the hardcore with no problems. Let me ask you….does this squishing cause any skin irritation and/or fluid build up? Thanks again!

No, there is really no big problems due to squishing. I can reduce the wrapping some and it reduces the squishing. I have tried several hangers and the hardcore remains my favorite for heavy hanging.

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I have both a regular Bib and a hardcore starter Bib and wish I’d gone with the starter to begin with— it more readily permits fulcrum and other hanging methods.

Even when I was in full on PE mode and sported the ~6” EG I never had any problem with the starter size- whereas the full size Bib required that you have enough wrapping to fill the minimum negative space.

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I will chime in, although others have shared the same opinion. The started BIB is the better size for about 99% of guys. My girth is in the 5’s, but even if it were much bigger it could be accomodated by the starter.

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Sometimes I think that the original could hold more weight in the long run, because it’s gripping over a larger surface area, but until you’re hanging 40-50-60 lbs the starter should be just fine. I find it a lot more comfortable/convenient. I have no experience with the hardcore but that looks like it grips just like the starter.


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Thanks everyone for your replies. I ordered the hardcore starter. Cant wait to get it!

I recieved my new bib hardcore today. I was on my second to last set of hanging when the mail man rang the door bell. I ripped the package open. Made a few adjustments and threw that puppy on for my last set. So I didnt get to use it to much. However, a few observations…VERY fast shipping, its bigger than I thought it would be, and my homemade bib really wasn’t that bad. I cant wait to experiment with it over the next couple of weeks! I will let you know what I think…

Shipping doesn’t get much better than that! :)

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