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BIB Has Spoken... A New Hanging Technique Is Born In 2006!

You mean I’m going to get my own PE monkeys :) !

I agree, I know Dino was trying to be helpful. But I saw the possibility that some members might get the idea that the BIB hanger is of no use in achieving tunica sourced gains and because that hasn’t been my experience, I felt an obligation to say so. So I was trying to be helpful too.

I’m sorry if it came across as harsh. I didn’t want it to. I wanted it to be informative and constructive.

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Xeno, I always find your threads to be informative and constructive. Especially when you’re agreeing with me ;)

I’m not sure why the Wenchette didn’t work for you. I’ve had good luck changing the focus of force applied by changing the positions of the straps. If I move the attachment points of the straps closer to the top of the hanger, I get a very strong tunica pull.

One problem I see with the Bib is that the screws for anchoring the straps are fixed. It would be nice if the screws could be moved up and down. The Bib always made my glans point up. I think this was a direct consequence of the fact that the straps are anchored along the center axis of the penis. THe problem is that this axis is well below the principle axis of the penis’ resistance, i.e., the dorsal thickening of the tunica. The best position of these screws, IMO, is on the same plane as the dorsal thickening. That would cure the hanger’s tendency to angle upward and also concentrate the stress on the strongest part of the tunica.

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One thing that I did to provide more of a top load on the BIB was to tie a small bungee to the large hook and then hook the bungee to the tightening screw.



That will do the trick. My only concern is that the top screw was not designed to bear any weight like that. I’d be concerned that it might cause the screw to pop out of it’s well.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Depending on the amount weight used, I suppose you could try using a thin, yet strong piece of cord. Open the hanger, wrap it around the bottom hinge section, and tie it back on itself. Next put your dick in the hanger, lay the other end of the cord across it, close the hanger, and then tie that end off on itself.

In other words, use one piece of cord to make what look like handcuffs. One cuff goes around the bottom part of the hanger and the other cuff goes on top.

Not sure how well this would work, but it’s worth a try. Plus it’s a cheap, easy way to experiment with different pull dynamics.

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Originally Posted by xenolith

I can tell you that, in my experience ;) , the BIB Starter is more conducive a tool than the BIB for tunica gains. And yes, IMO ;) , the regular BIB is the tool of choice for pulling ligs, but nonetheless, I made most of my hanging gains, most of which, I believe, were tunica sourced, using the regular BIB.

So we agree that smaller is better for stretching tunica:)

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Very cool thread.

I’m learning a lot here guys.

Keep it up!

Cheers, KaMeL

I just read what Bigger gave to Thunder.


I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.

cool thread. I can’t wait to hear experiences from this technique!

BowFlew hang

I am new to hanging but have been doing PE on/off for about 4 years.

I have just recently been doing ADS with jelqing and clamping.

Loving the results so far..

I just ordered a vachanger from AutoExtender and as soon as I recieve it
I will experiment with hanging.

Now to my original idea.I just bought a Bowflex and have an idea.

I’ve read in these forums about hanging in different directions of the hang??

I am going to experiment with using the bowflex to stretch/hang..

What do ya’ll think about this idea??


Originally Posted by djufo
cool thread. I can’t wait to hear experiences from this technique!

I used rice sock technique discussed in this thread for almost two months and gained about .375” BPEL. I was hanging about 40-60 minutes per day, five or six days per week, with 10lbs. I haven’t gained in a few years, so that was quite impressive to me.

I ran out of motivation despite the results and stopped about three weeks ago. At 8” BPEL, or 8.375” BPEL sitting (how I’ve historically measured), I just don’t have the urgency for more length to maintain the routine. ;)

MDC congrats on your BPEL gains! I quit this technique a while ago and have tested many other things since then but I always believed this technique still had potential and now from your story I see it truly does since you had not gained from anything else lengthwise for so long a time!

A few questions. Did you use heat the rice sock at all? How long did it take you to achieve those results?
And what position(s) did you use to achieve your results (Hopefully SO)?

Thanks bro.

I think I’m going to have to start using this technique again but this time with a plan and then stick to the plan for a while once I get on my decon break. ;)

I didn’t heat the sock at all, but I did consider it a few times. ;) All of my sets were sitting in a chair/straight out. The total time was 7-8 weeks. I started with 7.5 lbs for the first 10 days, and then used 10 lbs until the last week when I tried 12.5 lbs a few times.

I managed to spend over 72 hours without touching a computer this past weekend! :) I had no idea it would be possible.

Thank you for the reply MDC! :)

I’m glad you did all SO. That will make hanging easier to do for me since I don’t like sitting in OTS or BTC position all the time. ;) I’ll probally give your routine a shot as soon as I get my turn-key clamp in the mail for making a genuine homemade BIB hanger.

Hehe, good job on not touching the computer for a while. Seriously, I need to do the same thing. :)

Variation on this technique.

Hi guys. I’m trying out a variation on this, that I think should work… assuming I understand the theory right.

I simply sit straight in a chair and put a rod over my thighs and hang my penis over it. So it’s straight out (SO) from the base to the rod, then a 90 degree turn of the penis and straight down (SD) from the rod to the glans.

Then I apply a rice sock, which I reheat a few times, to the exposed part of the penis. So there’s no heat where the penis touches the rod, but everywhere else there is. Every few minutes I move the rod, so that different parts of the penis gets to be bent over the rod; I only do this from the base to about halfway out, where the rubber sleeve is attached.

Should this work just as well?

I’m having some privacy issues again, so I can’t do this daily at the moment, but I hope to do it a few times a week. I’m fairly new to hanging, so I’m only doing 5lbs for now.


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