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BIB Has Spoken... A New Hanging Technique Is Born In 2006!

Originally Posted by Monty530
Tightening of the ligs is the last thing you want and I doubt seriously that they would tighten at all. What would cause them to tighten?

If that were the case then you would actually be loosing length. The ligs are tied from just under the glans and run all the way back to the pelvis. If they tightened you would become shorter.

Whats actually happening is regardless of the angle your stretching the ligs, tunica, urethra, corpus cavernosa, etc etc will be stretched. Some more then others but in general all will be affected.

OK thanks.

Also posted as Dlrowdnilb

I don’t follow hanging much, but was considering trying it based on this “fulcrum technique”. It has been a few month’s since BIB’s original thread (at MOS), and I am wondering if anyone has any updates based on experience?

Is it really new? Is it really any better? Have you experienced faster gains with fulcrum hanging than you did without the fulcrum?

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

I too would love to hear some experience’s with fulcrum hanging.

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I just built my rice sock fulcrum tonite. It provides a wicked stretch. I expect to grow pretty good with this. It hits the top of the penis, tunica, and septum pretty good. Those are the areas I need to focus on so I think this will work out well.

Its cheap and easy to build one. Make it, try it out, and see what you feel.

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This is very, very different from other hanging I’ve tried. I’m convinced that my manual gains are all done unless I start doing some scheduled deconditioning so I decided to throw on the hanger again. The stretch I feel from this is very different from OTC hanging (which I fucking hated) and it just feels like I’m really nailing the septum.

Gains? Ask me in a few months.

Guys, This may sound like a stupid question, but will this also work with a Monkey-bar Vacuhanger? I am wondering if the angle of the head piece resting on the hard plastic will break the vacuum seal. I am going to build one and try it this weekend and let you know.

If anyone has an opinion let me know.

I’ve not had success using this technique with a vacuum-hanger. Let us know how it works for you.

Can someone explain the use of the plastic piece in conjunction with the rice sock better? I understand the concept, but would like more info on construction.

So you have a rice sock, but you need to create a hard plastic piece to make the fulcrum point. What is used for this, pvc pipe or? Pictures would be cool. I have read the beginning of this thread.

Hi guys,

I understand that this technique works because the force is distributed among the all shaft instead of centering just in the bottom of the penis.

My question is: Does anybody noticed if they won thickness uniformly among the entire shaft? I know that a lot of people has won thickness in the base I assert that the reason is because the force is centered in the base but now that it’s distributed the thickness should be distributed too. Does anybody has noticed thickness gains with this new technique?

Has someone that has used this method for an extended (pun soooo intended) period of time comment on their results? I’m planning to do BTC through the end of the year but would like to know if this is my best bet for 2009.

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I think I remember Bib saying that this could be used as a secondary angle so you could use it now.

Originally Posted by wayoflife99
I think I remember Bib saying that this could be used as a secondary angle so you could use it now.

Yes, I saw that too. For now I can ‘only’ hang for about 2 hours a day so I’m doing BTC only to hit my skin and ligs first. Once I’ve maxed my gains from that angle, I will switch. I don’t plan to ever do more than one angle over a time period so that I may maximize fatigue during my 2 hour sessions. (Maybe 4 hours on some weekends)

Working on getting ABSURDLY thick - Latest picture - Late 2010

What does the instructions mean by.. A plastic cup attached in front of the rice sock that creates the double fulcrum?

Can’t I just use a rice sock (without the duct tape, plastic wear), as a fulcrum?

The plastic reduces friction.

I tried this last night and the stretch was a mazing, I can not hang too much weight using this technique. I’m only using 5.4 lbs and its pretty intense for me and I am hanging primarly SD based on the picture shared with us by Mr. F.I know this is a dead thread but I needed somewhere to expresses some feedback on the technique. We shall now see if it yields tangible results in due time.

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