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Best way of hanging, some ideas

I use the Max-Vac. I use on sheath on the penis to act as a compressor for the skin so I can actually fit in the tube. I use a little lube on the sheath to be able to slide into the tube. I find this works very well.

I too use the maxvac but with wrapping as described earlier in this thread

Later - ttt

How do the infamous African tribe hang?

Would be interesting to know their routine as it’s proven.

Aggro - very good question.

Unfortunately I don’t know.

I suggest you do a google (and else) search) and post your results here if you are successful.

If not - why not starting a new thread ‘How do the African tribe hang?’ in the hanging section of this forum.

Btw: what is the proof?

Later - ttt

I have a couple of questions when it comes to hanging. As you probably know or don’t know, I’m uncircumsised. I have had different answers for my question when it comes to retracting foreskin or not. Bib for example told me not to retract the foreskin. Then another guy ( can’t remember who) told me to retract my foreskin. It seems that when you do NOT retract your foreskin, you feel it more in the ligaments, and when you DO retract your foreskin, you feel it more in the whole penis. So what is right? I’m currently hanging 10 lbs BTC only, both with my foreskin retracted and not retracted. And then comes the question, should one stretch the ligaments before even trying to attempt stretching the tunica? Any inputs? I’ve searched and searched, but havent found any answers. Any comment to this is greatly appreciated.


I started hanging without prior pumping for the first time today. I think it has potential, I will compare with the pumping technique and post the results herein.


Later - ttt

Sinister - good questions, I can only answer intuitively.

I am uncut too, so I have some experience.

I don’t use the bib hangers anymore, they squeeze the delicate tissues of my dick, make it cold, black and numb and stretch the skin more than anything else.

I use a vacuum hanger instead and - in order to exert the pull to the tunica and ligs and not to the skin I retract my foreskin as far as possible, than wrap tightly a bit behind and the entire glans before attaching the hanger.

I don’t think that it makes a difference what you stretch first. Personally I stretch all possible angles and I believe (but have no proof ) that that works best.

What do you think?



Later - ttt

Joe - thanks - I unnderstead right that you use an inner and an outer silicon sheet?

Later - ttt

Originally Posted by ticktickticker
Joe - thanks - I unnderstead right that you use an inner and an outer silicon sheet?

Well I use three total. One that goes on the penis and two that rest on top of each other and fold down onto each other once my penis is in the cylinder. Makes for a very nice tight seal.

Originally Posted by ticktickticker
I started hanging without prior pumping for the first time today. I think it has potential, I will compare with the pumping technique and post the results herein.


I too have bought a pump to try the pump method as well. I’m glad to see that we are both willing to try each other’s technique out.

I picked up the pump with a guage at autozone for $32 and some attachments for $4 at Home Depot.

Cool joe - almost like real researchers *s* - I tried with one then two silicon sheets but was not perfect, will try the three layer sheet NOW!

Btw - how I do pump hanging:

After wrapping with cotton band I attach the hanger with a silicon sheet. The I pump to 6 inch Hg while pulling the maxvac a little. 1 put on 5 pounds and stop pulling slowly as I let the weight go down. Next I pump to 13 or so inch Hg while pulling again. Repeat until 15 (my routine these weeks) pounds or whatever is your current weight.

Very interested about your comments.

Read my posts in this thread about wrapping. I think it’s very important for the vac-hanging technique.



Later - ttt

Well ticktickticker

The only part of your routine that I cannot try out exactly is you cotton band technique. If i used it I would just not fit in the tube. The wrap would add too much girth for me to slide in comfortably. That is one of the reasons I use a sleeve. It acts as a wrap/compression sleeve for the shaft of my penis. It compresses it enough for me to slide in comfortably. But I am use yours compression wrap for the head of my penis as well as the dish glove technique some times (not simultaneously) to try um both out.

You don’t need a lot of wrap, use very thin cotton wrap, not thicker than the silikone sleeve.

Btw - I tried to use your 3 sleeve technique today but it pulls my skin much more than the vacuum technique. May be I am not doing it well, but the way I practise vac hanging the skin between my pubic bone and the hanger is not stretched at all, so all the pull goes to the tunica and ligs which is what I want (I am uncut, I have plenty of skin and if I should grow too fast I could add some skin stretching hanging techniques. As for now I think I am on the best way.

Proof: my skin between the hanger and the pubis has numerous little folds, so it is DEFINITIVELY NOT STRETCHED AT ALL.

Try and tell me your impression

Of course - I have been optimizing my technique for weeks and tried yours only once so far. That might explain the difference.

But it sure would be interesting whether your skin is stretched (much, little, not at all) with your technique and if so, whether or not this is a desired or undesired effects.

Impatiently awaiting your report *s*

Later ttt

Later - ttt

I second Triple T’s statement that you can definitely stretch skin with a vacuum hanger if you apply a wrap incorrectly. This is the main reason I decided not to use the compression sleeve with Monkeybar’s hanger—I felt it caused too much skin stretch.

I’m still experimenting, but I think I’ve found something that works for me. I can also confirm that I get near zero skin stretch. Making the wrap comfortable requires some skill and practice.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Hmm I guess we are both wrapping different. I have never and I do mean never had any skin pull at the base of my penis or anywhere else on my penis for that matter while using one of the sleeve for a wrap. In fact I have plenty of skin play while hanging, no tightness what so ever. I am circumcised. If I remember correctly TTT, you are uncut. This might have something to do with it.

What I do to wrap is fold a sleeve in half. Then pull the skin back towards my base and put the sleeve on around the circumcision scar. then unfold in down towards the base. Then I lift the sleeve up a bit and pull the skin back again just for good measure. So now if I let the sleeve go my skin will some what pull it forward, if you get my drift. So then when I slide into the tube the sleeve will push up against the walls of the tube, pushing the skin back to the base of my penis. Then I fold down one sleeve, push the air out, and then pull the second sleeve on the tube down.

I hope that all made some sense.


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