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Best way of hanging, some ideas

Best way of hanging, some ideas

1. Use a vacuum hanger. It puts much more pull on the inner structures of your dick and no tension on the skin.

2. Use high enough weight (e.g. 15 pounds) and long enough time (3x30 minutes every day).

3. Tightly wrap your dick with elastic thin cotton (medical supply), but only the portion inside the tube - no doughnut effect

4. Hang with a cable running to the ceiling, dick on one side attached with a hanger, weights on the other side. With different attachment points any desired angle can be obtained. Best idea: turn along your long body axis by 45 degrees every 5 minutes. Stay a little longer in the between the cheeks position

5. Hang while playing drums (or whatever you play, or type in your pc - just do something to distract you from thinking of your dick) hanging down sitting, straight out using an attachment at the opposite wall and straight up to the ceiling

Please explain # 3


"What You Are And What You Want To Be Is What You Do"


And while you’re explaining your ‘no donut’ wrapping technique you might also re-think this:

2. Use high enough weight (e.g. 15 pounds) and long enough time (3x30 minutes every day)

This is an intense hanging regimen.

An hour and a half every day with 15 pounds is a whole lot - even for experienced hangers. Most recommend some time off and the interim use of an ADS; i.e. one day hanging, two days ADS.

Vacuum hangers put greater stress on the inner structures so less weight can be used. 15 pounds is on the upper end of the spectrum. For beginners I’d recommend half that, possibly even less.

You want to have a working dick after your PE efforts.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:

Dute - I am sorry, I am german and live in munich, I don’t know brand names in the us. The wrap you need is a thin elastic cotton, about 1 inch wide and 25 inches long. With that wrap circle around your penis and make sure to cover the entire gland which requires some skill.

Later - ttt

Dear Mr. Happy, thank you very much indeed for your comments.
I am relatively new to the forum and I forgot the rule number one: never ever forget the newbies.

If I imagine a newbie hanging 15 pounds to his dick .. What possible damage ..

I started with an extender, to condition my dick, next both bib hanger starting at 1.25 !! Pounds up to 25 pounds. Still I did not feel a strong ointernal pull, a lot of the weight was carried by the skin.

Anyhow, I would strongly recommend in particular to those who are poor gainers or those who wish to gain fast (such as me) to push up weight AND hanging time.

I don’t agree with you regarding rest days - rest days are shrink days.

I do agree with you regarding ADS (I personally prefer PE-weights).

I wear the weights approximately one hour after my hanging sessions.

Thank you again for the sake of the newbies: take good care of your dicks. Start slowly, condition your dick.

Later - ttt

Your right in some points.
A bib doesnt seem to give enough of a pull on my actual penis - being uncut - I get alot of the exertion going to my skin. Many would argue this is due to the way I wrap, but I have tried many forms of wrapping and all seem to cause so much pain and pinching to my skin in the bib that I had to stop after a maximium of 3x12min.

I’m a hard length gainer as you put it.
I’m awaiting my vacuum hanger, as I think its my last resort in hanging. Clamp hangers and uncut guys are a difficult mix in my book.
Having alot of skin on the penis as I do makes it hard to get the force hang to be directed at the tunica and ligaments.

This is also true of Monty’s PE wieghts with my penis. However I use the weights mainly for keeping the penis in an extended state as they are designed so this does not cause such a problem as although the do still exert alot of force on the skin, they keep my penis in a longer hang that it would normally be.

I’m going to start hanging my Vac around the 6-8lb mark and check my comfortability. Then I will move up in time. Possibly to your level tick
I need to start making length gains as I think I have figured what I am required to do for girth gains, since I have definately seen results there.
Other than the Vac hanger I cant see how I can really reach my length goal of a 1” NBP gain to get me to 8.5”~.
I’ve been stretching for some time now and cant really see a real difference in length other than that caused by a stronger erection.

It does have something to do with me learning how to work my penis, as I have just followed advice up until recently, not realising that you have to know how your own unit works to understand how to make results. I made the mistake of “LETTING IT TURTLE” up util very recently which has been one of the reasons I havent seen EL gains.

Can I ask what your Vac-haning routine was to see those gains?

Interesting, sacred - I’m uncut, too so that may be the reason why vacuum hanging is superior for us.

Clamp hanging is also bad for circulation bat with the vac-hanger my dick comes out there warm and red after 30 minutes with 15 pounds, with the bib it was dark blue after 10 minutes with 7,5 pounds.

With the PE weights you should retract your foreskin and wrap directly behind the gland - like so you will not put any stress on your skin.

And yes - turtling is a killer. After hanging cement at least one hour with PE weights but free your dick at least one hour before your next hanging session.

Good luck

Later - ttt

ticktick, you may prefer the vacuum hanger - but they don’t get a grip on the internal penis at all.

They pull on your glans and to a lesser extent your skin, but there is just no physical way they can grip your corpora cavernosa or spongiosum(apart from of course the glans)…

See Ya,


BigJ - thank you for that very interesting comment. I was thinking yesterday while hanging that my corpus cavernosum was a little elongated - very true. However, I get really sore at the ligs when I hang sd or btc, and tunica soreness when I hang so or straight up. Also - if I do stretches and grab my dick right behind the gland according to your theory I would only stretch my corpus cavernosum - which is certainly not the case. I acknowledge that yo’re a senior member and I quite fresh - but give it a thought: the tunica is attached to the gland and the ligs to the tunica - so when you pull the gland you stretch the whole thing. To be sure I’ll check in my anatomy books and let you know-

Later - ttt

BigJ - I double checked in my anatomy atlas - the tunica goes all the way to the gland - so if you pull your gland (with a vacuum hanger, hand or what you like) you pull tunica and ligs as well. And it must be so because I fell a very strong pull there and along the ligs til the pubic bones where they are attached. Some pull goes to the corpus cavernosum, true, but if the rest of my dick is growing - fine if they do so, too.

Later - ttt

hey tick tick.

Just got my vacuum hanger. It certainly MUCH more comfortable than the Bib.

Have yet to see what the after session results are.
I’ll hang for about 3x15mins today at about 8lbs because it feels like a good stretch ATM.
Could you tell me how you progressed? What weight did you start on? When did you move up to the routine you reccommend.


Hi sacred - good to hear that you started with the vac hanger and that you like it.
I started at 2.5 pounds I think, just once or twice a day.
Over a few weeks I progressed to my current routine increasing the weight and times very slowly.
I had to let my dick enough time to get used to the vacuum especially the skin at the tip of my gland.
I have a pulley system in my bed so I can hang at night (morning and evening), but last nite I fell asleep with the hanger on (just 5 pounds but 3 hours or so). From this I got the first complication from vac hanging: a water blister at my gland. I killed it with a needle but it sealed and refilled. So I had to kill it again. Hope I can fuck my gf tonite .. (Don’t ache so far)

Good luck

Later - ttt


Sorry to hear that.
The problem I’ve been having with it is fluid buildup in the foreskin.
I hang for about 30 mins @ about 9lbs ATM and my foreskin looks like I’ve been jelqing for an hour at the area under the glans…
I tried the constrictor sleeve supplied but I’ve ripped two and havent had a chance to see if they work because they wont fit.

I cant get into a proper routine right now because I am in the process of moving. Which has made my PEing quite lapse but I will get back into it once I get settled, also when I get out to Sri Lanka in a month for 6 weeks should be a good time to get a solid PE routine going.

I have a feeling that lower weight is needed with vacuum hangers and as Sacred mentioned fluid buildup is the biggest downside to vacuum hanging at the moment. I find that anything over 10 or 12 pounds will cause me to get a water blister with vacuum hanging. This may be different for some but is what I have fond to be true. And trust me I did condition my penis, so much so that I had a callus form at the tip of my penis where most of the pressure is applied.

Sacred and joe: the secret against fluid build-up is tape. You must tightly wrap your gland and foreskin with a thin medical tape, so tight that the skin is compressed. Difficult but important: to wrap the tip of the gland. Experiment and you will find out. How much do you hang with non vac hangers?

Later - ttt

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